Claire Violet Hanley

Claire V. Hanley

Director of United Kingdom BIC

Claire has a BA Hons and MA Hons from the University of Cambridge UK (MML and Social Anthropology – special interest in medical Anthropology) and an MSc in Global Politics.  She interned at the United Nations HQ, New York and was made a Robert Schuman Scholar at the European Parliament Press Office London in 2002.  Following this, she became Parliamentary Assistant to the President of the European Parliament’s Budgetary Committee, where she regularly attended the EU Disability Rights Intergroup, dealt with all media/press matters and oversaw the running of both the Brussels and Strasbourg offices.  Claire was first disabled by  the prescribed benzodiazepine medication Xanax in the year 2003, since when she started campaigning on issues faced by severe childhood trauma survivors including PTSD sufferers.  After 13 years on prescribed diazepam Claire discovered the cause of her disability and in 2016 founded the group Prescribed Harm UK in 2016, which was featured on BBC Radio 5 Live.  She also contributed to the BBC TV’s Victoria Derbyshire programme regarding SSRIs/serotonin syndrome and the Daily Mail and VolteFace regarding benzodiazepines.