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Benzodiazepine Information Coalition

Educating about the potential adverse effects of

benzodiazepines taken as prescribed.

Benzo Bulletin: Lonely older adults take more high-risk medications

From HealthExec: In fact, lonely older adults are nearly twice as likely to use opioids to ease pain and 2.5 times more...

Benzo Bulletin: Are you overprescribing these common meds?

From MDLinx: Likewise, research conducted by Syracuse University’s Lerner Center for Public Health Promotion, published in...

Benzo Bulletin: Akathisia: A Mysterious Medication-Induced Movement Disorder

The National Commission on Correction Health Care reports on akathisia: For patients who experience this condition,...

Benzo Bulletin: These journal ads could not run today

A blog published on considers the drug ads of the 50s, 60s and 70s. (We have published some vintage...

Shane Kenny on Benzodiazepines….the Medical Disaster

Dr. Patricia Halligan interviews Shane Kenny, Irish broadcaster, journalist and creator of the 2016 acclaimed documentary, BENZODIAZEPINES: THE MEDICAL DISASTER on her podcast Recovery... The Heroes Journey. The documentary skillfully exposes the harmful effects of...

Benzo Bulletin: ‘Bad Girls Club’ star Whitney Collings’ cause of death revealed

Whitney Collings, star of the reality TV show 'Bad Girls Club', died December 3, 2020. Collings' immediate cause of death...

Benzo Bulletin: Benzodiazepines and “Z-Drugs” Increase Death Risk When Taken With Opioids

A new study by Vanderbilt University Medical Center researchers of more the 400,000 Medicare patients taking medications for...

Benzo Bulletin: ‘Siegfried & Roy’ Star Roy Horn’s Death Due To More Than Just COVID-19, Illusionist’s Final Days Examined In REELZ Documentary

Reports claim Horn was taking the psychotropic medication, diazepam – known by its brand name, Valium – throughout his 30s....

The Podcast by Kevin MD: What you need to know about the updated benzodiazepine boxed warning

Dr. Christy Huff spoke with Kevin MD about the new FDA black box warning: The FDA recommended an updated boxed warning and standardization of product labels across the drug class. They recommended judicious prescribing and a gradual taper to mitigate withdrawal...

Benzo Stories: Jacob

Jacob shares his story of benzodiazepine harm and healing in a freestyle for our #BenzoStories series. To see our latest stories, follow the hashtag #BenzoStories on our Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube channel. They can also be delivered via email by signing up for...

Media Outreach

As an integral part of our outreach efforts, we offer awareness and education via many well-known media outlets and publications. 

Professional Speaking

We offer awareness and education through public speaking about benzodiazepine issues both in public and professional settings.

Research and Publications

Through our research we contribute to the scientific discussion about benzodiazepines.

Conferences and Events

Our participation in conferences and other events brings the benzodiazepine-harm message to the public.

Our Mission

Educating about the potential adverse effects of benzodiazepines taken as prescribed.


Who We Are

We are a group of patients and medical professionals who believe the over-prescription of benzodiazepines without proper warning has resulted in a growing national epidemic of benzodiazepine injury.


Our Vision

We seek to break the stigma and raise awareness around prescribed benzodiazepine injury, provide a voice to the patients who are suffering, and facilitate research and access to competent, evidence-based medical care for those impacted by benzodiazepine induced disability.


Why We Are Different

With both professional and patient experience, we exist solely to raise awareness of the complex issues surrounding prescribed benzodiazepine use, and to prevent further patient injury.


Our History

In the summer of 2016, Benzodiazepine Information Coalition formed as a U.S. non-profit organization dedicated to advocating for awareness and reform around the dangers of benzodiazepines, motivated by the years of watching benzodiazepine-injury support groups grow in membership by the thousands without any corresponding increase in attention from the public or medical community.


Our Strategy

We seek change by educating and partnering with doctors, mental health providers, journalists, lawmakers, researchers, the benzodiazepine-impacted community, and society at large.


Our Philosophy

Our work will continue until benzodiazepines are at the forefront of the national healthcare conversation; until patients are given adequate informed consent; until the rate of injury is significantly lowered; and until those cases that remain are understood and treated appropriately.

Media Outreach

Some of the media outlets we have assisted…