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Benzodiazepine Information Coalition

Educating about the potential adverse effects of

benzodiazepines taken as prescribed.

Psychiatric Drugs: Post-Withdrawal Experiences Town Hall

May 14, 2021 — Psychiatric Drugs: Post-Withdrawal Experiences Town Hall

Friday, May 14, join our own Nicole Lamberson, PA, along with Adele Framer, Will Hall, Dr. David Healy and James Moore for a discussion examining protracted problems that can arise after psychiatric drug withdrawal. Sometimes referred to as post-acute or post-withdrawal syndromes. These experiences can include chronic health problems and sexual dysfunction. What do we know and not know about responding to long-term health problems after coming off psychiatric drugs?

Benzo Action Work Group Presents Medicating Normal

April 27, 2021 — Join the Benzodiazepine Action Work Group for a Medicating Normal Screening

The Benzodiazepine Action Work Group will be hosting a virtual film screening of Medicating Normal followed by a panel discussion on April 27th from 6:30pm-9:00pm MT.

Dr. Huff Presenting at Colorado Consortium's Lunch and Learn

March 31, 2021 — Safe Prescribing Protocols of Benzodiazepines: Lessons Learned from the Opioid Crisis

Dr. Huff shares about benzodiazepine cessation, protracted withdrawal and the impact on many patients.

Dr. Huff's Response to a 2020 Article Stating that Benzodiazepine Withdrawal Is "Short Lived"

February 8, 2021 — Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics

Dr. Huff educates on the long lasting implications of benzodiazepine cessation impact in many patients.

Dr. Catherine Pittman Shares Her Concerns About Benzodiazepines

January 19, 2021 — Courageously.U Podcast

Dr. Catherine Pittman discusses benzodiazepines in this hour long podcast.

WCSAD2020 - West Coast Symposium on Addictive Disorders

December 3, 2020 — Live Virtual Conference

Benzodiazepine Information Coalition’s Christy Huff, M.D. presents with Sandra Steingard, M.D. 

FDA Black Box Is Coming

The FDA announced September 23, 2020 that a black box is coming for risks of abuse, misuse, addiction, physical dependence and withdrawal.  Since 2017, BIC, along with other patient groups, have campaigned to report the harm patients have experienced. Click here to report yours.

American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry's 31st Annual Meeting and Scientific Symposium

December 10-13, 2020 — Live Virtual Conference

Benzodiazepines: A Crisis Hidden in Plain Sight. Benzodiazepine Information Coalition’s Christy Huff, M.D. presenting with Steven Wright, M.D. and Anna Lembke, M.D. 

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