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The Problem 

“While it might initially seem that these communities and video blogs are simply artifacts of the internet culture, a closer look at the stories told on these forums suggests a different message. The message is that physicians have been unprepared for these withdrawal disorders and are unable to treat or even guide patients through complicated withdrawal from these substances.”

Josef Witt-Doerring, MBBS, Daryl Shorter, MD, Thomas Kosten, MD

Psychiatric Times, Baylor University College of Medicine

“Withdrawal charities, support groups and individual submissions also placed significantly more emphasis on the long-term psychosocial harms associated with dependence (such as loss of confidence after trauma of dependence, loss of friendships and relationships, adverse impacts on family members, time out from studying and achieving lower grades than expected, and loss of skills to return to employment). The overarching theme of many of these submissions was how benzodiazepines can devastate a patients’ life.”

Professor Sheila the Baroness Hollins

Board of science chair, British Medical Association

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