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Dr. Catherine Pittman, along with Dr. William Youngs and Elizabeth (Lisa) Karle conducted the first survey of BenzoBuddies members about their benzodiazepine experiences. Their survey and findings were reviewed by the Institutional Review Board at St. Mary’s College. Dr. Pittman presented their findings at the 2013 ADAA Conference.

The survey results were shocking. Some highlights:

  • With a sample of 493 harmed patients, 65% female, 45% male. 
  • 29% were in the process of completing the withdrawal process, 9% have previously tried but did not successfully withdraw, and 59% have successfully withdrawn. Only 2% have not attempted withdrawal. 
  • Many members report seeking online support via BB because the medical community failed to recognize or failed to offer treatment for their cluster of benzodiazepine withdrawal symptoms.
  • Most frequent prescriber was General Practitioner, followed by Psychiatrist.
  •  Of those who had completed withdrawal (345 in total), 96% reported their withdrawal symptoms continued after discontinuation.
  • Only 4% reported that they were symptom free after withdrawal.
  • The average length of withdrawal symptoms post withdrawal was 14 months.
  • Of those who completed a taper, 40% continued to have withdrawal symptoms.

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