The BMA has issued a document which details the agreed areas for action concerning benzodiazepines. These include:

  • Calling for a national helpline for prescribed drug dependence

  • Writing to NICE proposing a review of the effects of withdrawal from psychoactive prescribed drugs

  • Establishing a working group with the aim of establishing a multi-disciplinary quality standard guideline for prescribing

  • Undertaking a pilot of the best way to fund and commission local specialist prescribed drug withdrawal services

  • Lobbying for changes to the Prescribing Safety Assessment, part of the Year 1 medical curriculum

  • Incorporating patient experiences within relevant training programs

  • Proposing areas of additional research to funding organizations, to include research on withdrawal and the harms associated with prescribed drug dependence

U.S. physicians may contact George Roycroft, BMA Head of Science and Public Health Policy, Policy Directorate