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  1. I on clonazepam o.5mhfor a year and a half because of a surgery I had I got severe aniexty disorder and now my clonazepam is made by a different company my pharmacy used and the new clonazepam is making me sick I took the nre clonazepam 0.5mg today 4,-25-2024 and it gave me severe toxic reaction where dirreah just came buy itself I call my doctor he did nothing I went to a hospital they said just don’t take it no more because the new company that gou/pharmacy is using now made the filler different meaning the ingredients is different I am already small I am 57 years old I have Teo son live with me I had them late and they both have special disabilities so I need to get well what do I fo because the hospital said just stop taking it and also said that I can fie and get seizures and tremors I had tremors before due to this surgery that cause this sever aniexty disorder help me stay alive somebody please help me I can only eat starch food since I was diagnosed with chronic aniexty disorder like whit rice ,white toast and white chicken thst all I est for the past 2years because of this aniexty disorder so what to do my blood pressure is up I am scared I have dirrah and no one care the hospital tell me ypu need the name brand not the generic because it makevyou sick ask your doctor to give you name brand until you can find help to get off I did he said wait until Monday but the hospital said at er you might not make until Monday please help ,I am scared to eat they go home and eat bland food the er I told them that all I eat but since this topic reation I can’t eat that because of dirrah the dr that gave me the medicine name is dr button in Louisiana state a small town he just left abd said I call you Monday what ti fo I am already feeling the pain and withdrawal

  2. I was forced to stop klonipin cold turkey by a mental health doctor. I was on 4mg a day for 5yrs. That was in 2018. My withdrawals were severe., In 3yrs time my weight has gone from 130lbs to 101. Doctors can’t find anything wrong with me yet I continue to lose weight. I have anxiety attacks, panic attacks. I can’t sleep and my general feeling of well being is at an all time low. I’m scared because I feel like I’m dying. Should I go back on a small amount of klonipin because my brain is not resetting.

  3. You are so correct. I have had good Drs and bad. However most of them kept me in Klonopin 2 mg and metoprolol 50 mg Prozac 20 mg gabapentin and I was doing ok . I’ve been through withdrawel and it was horrible and I didn’t k ow what was wrong with my mind. I was put in a mental hospital and they kept me off of it. I could not function right. Anyways I ended up on Klonopin again. My life with my children is not good. There all grown up I didn’t have much time with my boys. I started having panic attacks at 14 and they were horrible. I ended up with severe anxiety. I had my first son and then I got agorophobia. They put me on Klonopin and I felt great. Well 30nyears later I was on Klonopin 2 mg twice a day. They arrested me for saying I threatened my neighbors. It was not true. They put me in jail. I was supposed to get out that day are monday. I don’t remember much but severe pain, tremors,seizures and I was not put on meds and I suffered 3 months. Didn’t know where I was couldn’t communicate with people. I suffered and still do. I wish I would have done something but I could not think right. I was in there for 5 months. One time my cousin came and I didn’t know who she was. She said I was acting bizzare and shaking and pacing. I lost almost 80 lbs in that time. No one did anything. It’s been a year and a half. Covid and not having anyone with knowledge of what happened to me and benzodiazapams. I’m on 0.25 of Xanax if possibly needed. I’ve taken it. It doesn’t help and I’m still suffering. I never get out of bed. I’m always sickly. I want someone to explain what happened to me and my brain. My nervous system. It sucks having a panic disorder and anxiety and live in small town. People judge you. It sucks I’m really suffering. My back and neck muscles are all messed up. So many symptoms it’s overwhelming sometimes I am not living I’m just existing. Please have advice. I have medical insurance so it’s hard to get a good knowledgeable Dr.