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  1. Has this been released? I cannot find it anywhere. I hope its free, there are very few/no documentaries about benzodiazepines, and only benzodiazepine addiction when taken as prescribed. There are some, but the people are usually taking opiates as well. Or abusing all kinds of drugs.

  2. Hi I,
    I have a personal story I’d like to share about my experience with benzodiazepines. It’s really interesting, different, complex. I’m tapering now for 2nd time in 2 years.
    At one point was on 6 meds. How can I be in this film? Or if it’s too late, help others in a public speaking forum.
    I’m excellent on camera; former news Anchor. I gotta help people so they don’t have to suffer like me. No one in family understands or thinks it’s a big deal to taper. We need to spread the word.
    Doctors have zero compassion. It’s about money. That makes people like me more sad and it spirals.

  3. Carole Watkins.

    Agree with you. You are lucky you found a dr. t0o help you. I have bee trying for 6 years as you say, too long, and need some guidance and help…. How?

    Could we be in touch about getting some information?