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  1. Thank You Dr. Kripke
    My name is BethAnn and I was Severely Injured by long-standing use of Benzodiazepines. I am into much pain at this time to tell my story. It is very long story that began in 1989, when I was prescribed Xanax.

    I now have CRPS and lupus. I am currently going through and agonizing taper and a forced Taper at that. I am in excruciating pain every day since I slipped on ice in 2014. Because of the opioid epidemic, I am being forced to come off of benzodiazepines. I attempted suicide burning a self proclaimed taper from Klonopin. After going into a mental health unit, they brought me down another Mg then put me in a detox where I was treated like a drug addict. I Experienced depersonalization and hallucinations both auditory and visual. I have my Masters in social work and unfortunately I have not been able to work since the time of my graduation. I believed I could do the paperwork, because of the tremors and terrifying depression and rebounding anxiety. At the time I thought it was me. For the past thirty Years, I believed I was too emotionally unstable. I did not know it was because of the medication. Dear doctor, I refuse to kill myself over this, because I have far too much to live for. Am I angry? Oh my God I am so angry
    The Doctor Who prescribed this medication to me, dropped me as his patient when my tolerance went up. Recently I googled this person to find that he had done this to other patients and his license is suspended. I will never forget the times when I visited him asking for a therapist referral. He refused , Stating that all I needed was Xanax and Prozac and to speak with him
    as my counselor. I continually read his suspension, and I know this is it healthy for me. I have never felt such content and sadness in my life was taken from me . Of course this has affected my entire family, I left my husband and for years my sister and I did not speak. There must be something I can do to help others do not pick up that first pill. Again thank you for the work you are doing . Be Well! If you needed someone to help with Editing and Research, please consider contacting me. I am practically home bound at a young age of 59.


    1. This is BethAnn Shoenfeld again. There are many typos in my comment above. I hope people can see through them. Thanks

    2. Hi I am so sorry your experiencing this suffering, as I am too. Not with opioid but benzodiazopine. Its very scary and intolerable unnecessary suffering from psychological pain. I will pray for you. I too had suicide attempt on life support for 7 days. Time we speak up!!