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      1. I still am only at 40 to 50% focus and doesnt seem to be getting better anymore. It was slowly getting better but it seems stuck. I feel the hard to breath feeling hit me alot. I feel I have iatrogenic dependance.

  1. I still have small panic attacks 4 months in the diet. Only there smaller in length. What was an all day episode is now only minuts. Feeling exausted from trying to keep up the high fat needed for energy.

  2. I have been on benzodiazepines/colonazopam for 3 years. I just recently moved to a different state where the practice is being reduced due to legal issues. Ive been ripped off them abruptly and for 3 months I struggled with severe panic attacks and epoleptic siesures. I started looking into this diet I found for epoleptic siesures. When i started this diet I seen imidiat results. My panic attacks were gone!! This diet could be a new breakthrough to helping people who are withdrawing from benzodiazepines.
    1.no sugar.
    2.no carbs.
    3.high protiens.
    4.high – good fats – coconut oil- avacado- butter and milk from a grass fed cow.

    This diet causes the body to start using fats as energy and starts breaking down the fat soliuble vitamins that are trapped. Please let me know your thoughts and experience. Thanks

  3. Hi Dr Berry …I was wondering if you are still on this site addressing questions and concerns ..I read alot of good information about you and would love to be able to speak with you on phone or through this site if possible ..I am over nine years off from very short term and would love to hear your thoughts please ..

  4. Thank you very much for your service to humanity in working to address this problem. My wife got started on Klonopin to relax her tremor and 12 years later realized it was not necessary / not working and bam… not easy to get off. we are month 4 of tapering. Do you have any advice about using another drug to get off this drug. She has mood swings, depression, end of life thoughts, all which come and go. We are working with a doctor to taper but things are rough. We live in North Carolina and she is 58 years old and does not want to take any drugs never mind Klonopin.