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  1. I had been a benzo user on and off for a few years. Was given metronidazole. Took it for 4 days. Was given Ativan at the hospital when I lost it after 3 days. It’s been a month, and I am not doing better at all. I am 33. Was active and top notch healthy before this happened. Was actually prescribed Metronidazole only for a mild case of dermatitis. My life has been ruined in the past month. After this all happened, I was given Ativan again. It helped a bit but temporarily. Then was stopped again. Didn’t know about this whole withdrawal thing. Metronidazole acts the same way as Fluoroquinolones when it comes to benzos. Had the same effect on GABA. I am so scared.. I just want to recover.

  2. I should have also mentioned…that I am so happy to report that due to the changes I mentioned in diet and adding in necessary nutrients…I feel very well and almost energetic most days. There were a string of years when I thought I was not going to make it due to the symptoms. I never imagined I could feel this good again. Never lose hope. The body is a miraculous creation with an innate ability to heal. God builds miraculous creations…one quote that helped me so much was from a doctor who said “If I could gather up 1 cubic centimeter of the mitochondria within you and I compared it to 1 cubic centimeter if the sun…your mitochondria would be 10,000 times brighter.” Whether it is true or not…I don’t know…but I began believing that I was in a vehicle that was quite powerful with an innate desire for life and healing. Mankind can do enormous destruction…but it is peanuts to the life force that is in us and all around us. Always believe in the ability to heal.

    1. This brings a tear to my eye. I was floxed in March 2020 and benzo’d by a few sporadic doses of lorazepam weeks ago. I can’t share how anxious, hopeless, and depressed I’ve felt – you already know. However, messages like yours give me the fuel to motor on another day with the belief that I will heal. Thank you for sharing.

    2. I was taking Avalox for a sinus infection & it caused intense overstimulation of the cns. It is now (all quinolones) on my list (to Dr.’s, ER’s, Hospitals etc) as meds I cannot use. This also goes for epinephrine (also epipen, and novacain—which includes epi to prevent bleeding). This is due to (+,+) from both parents to the COMT gene, which means that I methylate epinephrine and dopamine too slowly. All quinolone antibiotics raise dopamine intensely. If someone wants to give me novacain instead of carbocain (has no epi), or thinks I must have a quinolone antibiotic I either leave and go to another doctor or tell them my cousin is a attorney who sues hospitals.

      In 2019 I was hospitalized due to Klebsiella pneumonia/sepsis from a port catheter (chemo). I had an andverse reaction to a med they gave me in the hospital (whole body hugely red and humongouse hives. The dr. said he was going to give me epinephrine and benedryl. I refused strongly and had to give a calm scientific medical reason why before the dr. would listen to me. The epi problem is described above–but I am allergic to benedryl –a 1st class antihistamine. I can use zyrertec –3rd class. Each of the 3 classes of antihistamines are actually different chemicals. Some people are allergic to some of the classes of antihistamines. I told the Dr. and his nurses to give me an injection into my IV of Salumedrol (which is generic methylprednisolone)–a very strong corticosteroid that will stop an allergic reaction. Not ideal if you are getting an antibiotic for a bacterial infection but neccesary to remain alive. I told them they should give me these and don’t wait too long because the skin swelling would eventually spread to the trachea and lungs.–and they would not want a dead patient because it would weird them out. You can tell I am still okay if I am telling doctors silly jokes during an emergency. They gave me the correct drugs and the symptoms went away promptly. I also had a infectious disease specialis due to them not knwoing immediately what infection was giving me over 103 fever. There were may bloodtests and blood cultures. They use IV meds to treat, but 2 of them are Avalox, and penecillin—so the dr. had to locate a special, very expensive med, special ordered, that was given IV every 8 hrs for 1 hour and then 10 days a different one, once a day for 3 hrs. IV at an infusion center and at the hospital out patient area on a weekend. Insuranc epaid for everything and I got great care and I am now perfectly healthy–but the allergy and genetic problem with adverse drug issues seems to require that a patient proactively study info for their illness and treatment–which is crazy0but a good idea.—and much of it was not know by me until the timme when I had very severe reaction. The Avalox reaction had my face muscles twitching and my hands trembling for 6 months–which was weird because at the time Iwas teaching in a HS>

      BTW–I found from many blogs with floxxed people some of whom weere doctors dealing with this quinolone issue, that Taurine, Gaba, was helpful.

      Patients unfortunately have to study, their own genetics, the mechanisms of actions of different drugs, and be vigelent of what health care professionals are giving you. I would like it so much better if a doctor just was able to take care of everything.

      1. Hello, did you find out what antibiotic you could tolerate? I am having issues with antibiotics and I have low comt I believe it’s AA or something like that. I have never been on benzos but have severe akathesia with certain medications

    1. I recall that Brad ultimately committed suicide due to the unrelenting cruelty of long-term akathisia caused by his being cold turkeyed then floxed years earlier. There have been countless brilliant hearts and minds lost to this needless and tragic suffering. God rest their souls.

      1. This is why I’m so sick. I’m suffering from having had Chronic Bladder infections and Lyme Disease, both treated with Antibiotics. I have been suffering. My feet are burning constantly.
        I don’t know how long I can’t do this.

  3. Fluoroquinolones can also seriously inhibit the absorption of vitamin b12, a vitamin that is essential in forming red blood cells, repairing DNA, regulating homocysteine and MMA levels (high levels of homocysteine have been shown to cause plaque build up in arteries, leading to cardio and cerebral vascular disease),as well as being part of the myelin sheath (the fatty tissue that surrounds and protects our nerves) Lack of b12 causes serious health problems and is potentially debilitating and even fatal.

    1. b12 deficiency also causes or can exacerbate neurological symptoms such as confusion, brain fog or aphasia.

  4. I tend to have strange and uncomfortable side effects from all types of medications. Benzos dependancy has left me in a quandary as to whether I take a prescribed medication together with the valium or not. Nine out of 10 times I get weird symptoms or just feel off. No one believes me when I say the benzos mess with other drugs in a way that someone not knowledgeable in this field would never believe. Most wash their hands of me, basically insinuating it’s all in my head.

    1. That is so standard!! These doctors should lose the license to practice. They aren’t even following the most basic recommendations on benzos. 2-4 weeks!!! How do they get away with it? And this Levaquin , why in the world are docs still prescribing this????? I’m so disappointed in these United States, and Big Pharma. They would rather kill us than lose a dollar. Sickening!!!!! I was flicked 21/2 yrs ago, still have not recovered.

      1. That’s exactly what the globalist are intentionally doing. They’re plan to Kill off the population. It’s in their Agenda21-2030. Read it on Rockefeller Foundation doc, World Economic Forum Klaus Schwab describes it on their website and in his New book COVID 19 The Great Reset. Also Bill Gates said publicly -” if we do it right we can reduce the population with vaccines.” Watch him on Ted Talk. US medical tyranny 2021. Its been they’re agenda for decades. They’re a bunch of Psychopathic Criminals.

  5. Does anyone know what helps? I’m considering TMS/Neurostar for intractible depression, PTSD and anxiety.

    1. I use TMS in research and the current literature says that it does not work for depression/anxiety but in fact can cause memory loss

  6. BY THE WAY. I have been told that I am NOT to withdraw until the levoquin symptoms are gone. I am having withdrawls symptoms without withdrawing

  7. Wow! So grateful for this article. As a regular Benzo user for chronic insomnia, i found this very helpful. I am certain I had a contraindicated response from Levaquin and ibuprofen years ago. Though no doctor has ever believed me.

    1. IT has been 9 months and I am left with the horrendous pain of the withdrawl syndrome. I have been seeing a homeopath who has me trying so many different remedies to help the intense feeling. I cannot tolerate it. What did some of you try. Today I was on the ground in a ball crying and crying from the withdrawl pain. I have taken 1/4 of a mg. of clonopin a night and took one levoquin and my life has been altered. I cannot work. It is too inconsistent.

        1. What symptoms does it help with? I usually can’t tolerate vitamins, but I’m willing to try these if they might help me.

      1. Wow…thank you for such a comprehensive post. This explains so much. Nancy, I am so sorry for your pain. I realize your post was over a year ago. I hope you are doing better. I was only on a bento for insomnia for 3 months. I also had taken ibuprophen for 3 months straight…doctors orders and had a long history of antibiotic prescription. It took me five months to feel half way descent. The only way I felt better was to have large amounts of magnesium spread out throughout the day…watch the laxative effect and back down or spread out dose if this occurs. I also ate and continue to eat all whole foods…nothing excitatory (no high glutamate foods). No grains…no dairy. I then went to see a functional medicine doctor which helped a lot. Find a provider at institute for functional medicine online. I pray for healing to all. It takes a completely changed lifestyle for me to live without pain now.

  8. I learned the hard way. On benzodiazepines for years, prescribed Avelox 1 time, have no idea why my physician would order for the garden variety sinus infection, but but day 4 I complained I felt weird, day 10 I went psychotic and attempted suicide and have never been the same, the ramifications and residual issues … and no recourse. No one believed me that Avelox pushed me to psychosis, and my physician ignored my request to submit the AE to the FDA. 4 years later it gets the black box warning that was well overdue. I look forward to some more published research on the pleiotropic effects quinolones and other antibiotics have, since some are effective in treating schizophrenia.

    1. amazing post …so sorry about this . I understand how one med can become the antagonists for a disastrous result. Its like one is the match n the other drug is gasoline. Adding valium to the colozapin that was in my system once caused a wild fire in my life . I do hope u will get well in time. i believe u will.

      1. Sadie, Were you trying to transition from Clonazepam to Valium? I was planning on doing this as the Ashton Manuel Suggest. I was going to slowly taped over and switch to Valium for my nighttime Clonazepam dose and see how I do. please tell me what happened to you? I was prescribed Xifaxan was I floxed?

  9. Unfortunately, I didn’t know this back in 2013. Since I have experienced it on my skin, I am trying to raise awareness of any MD I meet. At most of the time, they think I’m crazy. Anyway, I’m doing it.

    1. I too was a log time Lorezapam user for insomnia. I was given a Levaquin script for a sinus infection and went into immediate acute benzo withdrawal. I can’t believe the doctors and pharmacists aren’t privy to this info and they should be held responsible. I was able to find the info, so should they. Going to sue, if .I can. On disability still going through withdrawals 4 months later, on Valium. Which they tried to stabilize me.