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Dr. Christy Huff blogs for Kevin MD about her own experience with the dangers of benzodiazepines:

During my journey, I have met many people who desire to taper their benzodiazepine. They are not addicts. Like me, they took their medication as prescribed. They are doctors, nurses, lawyers, engineers, and students with promising futures. Many are unable to work as they are so disabled from the withdrawal, which can last years. I have made many friends on the support forums. My best friend adopted me almost instantly when I first wandered onto the forum in bad shape. He helped me with my taper and acceptance of the process. I recently lost a friend from the forum who suffered from ovarian cancer and benzo withdrawal. We bonded almost instantly, as we were both cancer survivors. Her short remission was ruined by her taper. When her cancer recurred, she refused further treatment as she could not stand to suffer with withdrawal any longer. She ended her life prematurely at Dignitas in Switzerland via physician-assisted death. Sadly, there have been a number of suicides in our support groups as people lose hope from the relentless symptoms of withdrawal. I must admit, I’ve wished for death quite often. My daughter is the only thing that keeps me going.

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