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  1. What the fuck so your saying gaba never repairs for some I’m diqustied with doctors etc what greedy bastards .People are left destroyed or read and such caviler attitudes He should start taking these great drugs and see what happens i don’t know why with the hundreds of not thousands of people ruined by doctors and benzo s we should sue ,to go media make a huge stink.

    1. Agreed. Dr. Gregory Smith’s article is flawed and his only care is money. I am talking from experience of a loved who has been under his care for years. It is a shame that the South Carolina Department of Mental Health has allowed Dr. Smith to experiment on poor patients especially the ones who do not have familial support. He never returns telephone calls; blood work is never ordered to see if the antipsychotic drugs prescribed is working or causing harm to other organs of the body and he hide behinds staff at Aiken County Barnwell Mental Health. The elected leaders of SC should hold doctors like him accountable for his abuse of the Hippocratic Oath’s medical text that states “I will not give a lethal drug to anyone if asked, nor WILL I ADVISE such a plan…” How can he sleep out night boggles my mind? If I knowingly prescribed drugs that caused severe side effects, pain and discomfort to the most vulnerable populations, I could not sleep at night. Taking Medicaid or Medicare payments for crappy services is a fraud and Dr. Gregory Smith should be stripped of his license to practice medicine.