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  1. By chance, my pharmacist helped me find a very simple answer. I’m sure this would work with any of these drugs. Many of them do not dissolve in water so some of the common techniques don’t work. However, he was able to give me an oil suspension with basically any dose I wanted. You shake it up, draw a little out with a syringe, and fill up capsules. The trick to getting off these drugs is a very linear taper, very small amounts. Not steps 0.5, 0.25, etc. I was on 15 mg Valium and near the end, I was going down 0.05 mg (yes, five one-hundredths) every other day. The difference in amount is so slow your body doesn’t realize it. VERY simple! The key is very small increments, using this oil suspension method. If you need more info, please feel free to contact me at bill [at] insulators [dot] info.

  2. I am struggling with the fact that Clonazepam does not come in smaller doses. I have been on it for 30 years (I am 49) and it has all but destroyed my life (as well as my young daughter’s last few years). I finally understand that this drug is the problem but I have a lot of trouble with thinking and understanding things and my brain just doesn’t work well enough to grasp what I have to do to get my dose smaller. I know the Ashton Manual is helpful for a lot of people but I just can’t process it. No support people in my life to help. Can’t believe I’ve been told this drug is good for me for so long when all it has done is make me sick.

    1. I’m struggling with the same thing, and on this website I recently found a promising way to do a slow taper. In the second-from-the-last paragraph of the above article, click on “Dr. Peter Groot,” and it takes you to his company’s website, Taperingstrip.com. They sell clonazepam and other drugs in steadily decreasing levels. Click on “Prescribing and ordering,” then “Anti-epileptics,” then “Clonazepam.” I’d like to taper at a slower pace than the schedules they provide, and I found it’s possible because they also allow us to customize at the pace we prefer. All that’s required is for your doctor to fax them the downloaded form as a prescription. They say most insurance covers it. Good luck.

  3. It’s funny how so many sites on the web are soo compassionate to help you off benzos …..but only if you can pay or you see the check insurance plan tab here….then the compassion goes out the window and they will pass you on to another service …..this is a problem that needs addressing like any other disease one has…it’s has been a profit market for the pharmisutical places for years ….but no help from them it seems to help you off them….most dr.s will never tell you of the withdrawal problems of these benzos….mine did not…I was prescribed them to help out the anexiety and help relieve some tension for bph….has been six months on them and trying to self taper …been a roller coaster for past few weeks and can’t get affordable help to do it right….dr. wants me to make appointment ($$$) to talk about my issue with this drug(klonopin)….I read an article about a woman who called it “the hypochondriacs drug ” due to weird symptoms that couldn’t be explained …but showed no reason why they were happening ….I feel I fall in this thought also…never knew or heard of benzo withdrawals till a few weeks ago ….and pretty much covered every symptom I was having …..now looking for help to ween off this poison safely but everyone wants to make money of you for help it seems….I , like most now don’t have money to do this ….lost our butt in our business due to covid 19 ….no insurance ….and bearly surviving to pay our bills ….so what does one do ….I want to be normal again and have a life without issues like before…I have read many different taper procedures and all seem to kinda contradict each other at times….is there a set in stone taper formula to do this …and if so ? Where can it be found ? Thanks for any information I can get to help off this ….Paul

    1. I found I had to be my own health advocate and do as much research as you can on benzodiazepines and withdrawal. I found reviews from those taking these drugs more helpful than the medical profession. I fell off my bicycle in June and got a concussion and developed anxiety 24/7. I was prescribed 1mg lorazepam a day. I took it for a week before I researched it. Once I knew it was highly addictive I sought an alternative. My doc prescribed hydroxyzine which is an antihistamine. This drug made my head very foggy that I struggled to function. I was then prescribed sertraline, a SSRI (antidepressant)drug that works well with anxiety. I started on 25mg for 6 weeks (many side effects). I increased to 37.5mg after 6 weeks. My decision to increase slowly following psychiatrist advice to increase to 50mg. Slowly increase is the key. I’ve been on 50mg for a week now and have been able to stop taking lorazepam. I tapered my lorazepam usage whilst taking sertraline. I went from 1mg sertraline to 0.75mg, to 0.5mg, to 0.125mg then stop. I’ve done this over 6weeks. I may have to increase my sertraline to 75mg but I’m giving the 50mg dose at least a month to give me a more therapeutic response. I’ve been told I need to be on sertraline (not addictive) for at least 12 months before trying to taper off to give my brain time to heal from the traumatic brain injury
      My advice is listen to your body and do your own research!!!

      1. I’ve been on both Xanax and sertraline and tapered off of Xanax much more easily than the sertraline. Sertraline is a bad drug. I, and others I know, had very bad withdrawal from sertraline. It causes “brain zaps” which you can research, not fun. My first taper was too fast and didn’t work, unbearable withdrawal – and I can take a lot. My next one I approached much more slowly and was able to effectively do it in 6 months. These things are extraordinarily over-prescribed and not much less dangerous then benzo’s in my experience. If you or anyone is seeing this please think twice before taking an ssri. A lot of doctors are either unaware or don’t believe this happens so they don’t want you, but it’s actually well documented. Good luck!!

  4. I was titrated off phenobarbital (3) 64.8 mg nightly over a three month period. I am 76 and have taken this med for epilepsy since I was five. Following this titration I could not sleep, and had increased seizure activity. So the doctor put me on clonazepam 2 mg at night. That did help some; but yesterday I saw a neurologist who said I was still withdrawing from phenobarb. He is putting me back on 30 mg of phenobarb, nightly; but wants me to stop the clonazepam that I have been taking for a month and a half. He wants my referring doc -who titrated the phenobarb To do this. After his handling of the phenobarb titration, I am concerned. How can I do this safely?

  5. I’m trying so hard to come off 10mg each night and the withdrawal symptoms are just awful. I’m spending half my life on the sofa. I’m 70 years old and have been on these since the age of 24. I’m just about to drop from 2mgs tonight to 1.5mgs. My Dr has made me come off this very quickly, has no patience and even though I’ve cut it now by 90%, I’m frightened of the drop from 2mgs to 1.5mgs tonight. Am I near the end of this nightmare? I’ve even thought I had appendicitis, my abdomen hurts that much and now I have a permanent lump in my throat and putting it down to this reduction but frightened that it might be something more sinister. Thank you for listening.

    1. How are you doing? Did this work for you?
      I read your comment. It worried me a doctor would do this to you. They can put you on but they don’t know how to take you off.

      1. Rachael I am in a very similar situation. I was prescribed clonazepam I don’t even remember how many years ago probably 13 years ago or more. I was prescribed 1 mg twice daily. Thank God I was conservative and only took one. I really don’t know why I was already taking citalopram an antidepressant. Anyway all these years later and for quite some time I have had symptoms but thought my age was to blame. I am 78 now and my short term memory is not good. I have been try to taper on my own but am alarmed by being constipated and gassy to an extreme degree. Maybe I have a bowel obstruction.
        Hope you find the help you need. I am looking into a micro taper but like you I don’t really have the mental ability to do it on my own and don’t trust doctors. I am furious with my doc who prescribed these as I was not aware of the dependence issues involved and trusted her. Sorry for the rambling. God bless. Patty

  6. I am 75 years old female and have taken Xanax for severe spontaneous panic attacks that began at age 19. I used to take 1.50 mg per day for several years over the last year I have tapered down 0.75 mg, as this can’t be particularly accurate due to breaking pills in half and even biting little pieces off. The problem is just medication is particularly successful in maintaining not having these severe panic attacks, up to 12 of them a day, although I would like to stop taking the medication and I don’t see that there is any real urgency in it after 38 years. I really am interested in learning if my gradual tapering off which is working is in my best interest. There’s not any dramatically Noticeable effect with this very slow tapering. Eager to learn opinions.

    1. WOW..you seem to be EXTREMELY lucky!!!

      I took 1MG of Ativan for 2 weeks…and had almost 3 years of life altering, HELL ON EARTH, withdrawals when I tapered down.

  7. The information on your website is very good . Pleases sign me up for your newsletter. I am trying to get off Zanax. I hate this withdrawal Physciatrists has prescribed this to me for 25 years. I am 87 years old.

    1. I have great success tapering of a moderate Zanax addiction down to .25mg daily and using liquid melatonin and CBD oil. As you continue to taper .125mg increase your dose of CBD oil. It can take awhile to nail down what dose of melatonin and CBD oil works best for your metabolism but this taper program and regimented routine totally worked with barely noticeable withdrawal symptoms.

  8. I’ve been on 1mg of Ativan a day for 5 months. I also take 100mg Pritisq.
    Realizing I should not be on the Ativan for this long, I am beginning to taper.
    Would you say the 10% every few weeks (go slow, assess as I go) would be best and safest? As we know the cutting of these pills is very difficult, and I’ve seen the water titration methods. I don’t think there is a liquid Ativan. Looking for advice on how to achieve that 10% cuts effectively.
    I have .50 pills that are scored but that only gets it down to .25
    Looking for encouragement and advice on how to succeed.
    Thanks in advance

    1. Twice a week isn’t really very rarely. Some people do experience side effects, dependency and withdrawal dosing multiple times per week. Klonopin has a long enough half life it can last 2+ days. One example of someone being harmed prescribed this way is documented here in the Boston Globe.

    2. I had no idea I was on a harmful drug. I had been taking attivan for about 20 yrs. I saw a show on tv about benzos and that’s when and how I found out how bad they were. I then found out how difficult it was to get off. I was 79 and dr after dr told me not to even try to get off. I tapered down and was off in 6 months with no adverse reactions.

      1. Carol
        Congrats!!! Yeah you! How did you do that?? I have been having various symptoms but attributed it to getting older. I am 78. I am now feeling physical and psychological symptoms that I had misinterpreted. I thought it was life circumstances like falling and nearly breaking my back. And I spent most of my time in bed. No other interests. It has truly affected my life. How did you taper??

  9. Presently titrating off 30 years taking Ativan as prescribed. First attempt failed(relapse)when doctor insisted on a too-rapid taper. I live in constant physical pain – pelvic pain, especially bladder pain. I had severe nerve pain on my skin, mostly my legs. Extremely temperature sensitive. First failed titration led to an inability to maintain “normal” body temperature-I could not stay warm unless in a warm bath or in bed! Presently tapering with Valium crossover. Terrified! Terrified of the extreme insomnia which went untreated during too-rapid taper by this doctor who would not listen to my symptoms. I went nights upon nights with no sleep at all! It was hell on wheels!

  10. I have not picked up for a year this june. Didn’t really understand how fuckin toxic xanax is. Started taking the drug 22 years ago. Aha moment was when in psychosis last march.

    1. Tapering off 0.125mg per day. Doing great. Ive been on it for about 1 1/2 years.
      I should be off completely by this weekend. No withdrawal symptoms.

      1. What Benzo were you taking? I am down to .125mg of Clonazepam. Unfortunately the Valium equivalent is 2.5mg. Cant go any smaller without a titration or jumping off. What was your next move???

        1. I need the same info. I’m just taparing my clonazepam to 0.125 mg from 0.5 mg.. I took 0.5 mg for long 6 months.. Then i slowly started to do my taparing. At first i tapar it down to 0.25 for 2 months. Now I’m on 0.125. But after starting with 0.125 I’m now with withdrawal symptoms.. I want to know how many months i should be on this 0.125 before totally stop. Please help me..

      2. Im on lorazepam for
        8 months now and im trying to stop taking it I started with .50mg
        And last month I started tapping to
        And last nignt
        I starded with .125mg its hard i get more anxiety,headache and nose in my ear, withdrawal is suck

  11. I’m in the midst of withdrawing from 2 mg of xanax after being prescribed for 6 years. I want to die and can find no relief from “addition” specialists. I kept getting prescribed gabapentin, trazadone, etc. for my symptoms. My biggest problems are with balance and tinnitus. Any suggestions?

      1. Starting Valium withdrawal regimen. Thirty years of using Xanax and imiprimine for severe anxiety/panic. Lifesaver for twenty years, then problems. Any advice on Valium withdrawal? On my second day & feel hopeful.

        1. I take .25 mg 3 times aday for bout 8 months will that be hard to get off of it an can I take something else while getting off zanix

    1. Can you please tell me how are your balance and tinnitus issues now? Are you still having symptoms?

      1. I have been on .5mg of Xanax for about 5 months. I want to come off of this med! What is a safe titration and will I need to worry about withdrawing!? Please help! Doctors just want to put me on other meds for anxiety and I do not want to do that! It’s redundant!

    2. I am on xanax 1mg for 5yrs and i want to get off of it, but i know it will be horrible, because i was weaned off of ativan and i wanted to die!

  12. “If the goal is to help patients succeed in benzodiazepine cessation, the resources to do so need to be readily available and affordable.” <~~ Yes; 100%.

    "Writing off a majority of benzodiazepine-dependent patients as “resistant” without further solutions is an unacceptable and lazy response to a problem with potentially devastating and painful outcomes." <~~ "Lazy" = Corrupt ; "Problem" = Intentionally Profitable Consequence

  13. Ativan should be banned.
    I’m still tapering a water based titration. Nerves in feet and legs very painful. I have suffered and aged. The drug co gives you a 1 way ticket to hell.

  14. Professor C. Heather Ashton, University of Newcastle in the UK asked the manufacturers of Ativan many years ago if they would consider producing 0.5 mg and 0.25 mg tablets. They refused her request.

    1. Drug companies just want money. They should have lower dosage to withdrawal from. But then they would loose money. How sad. Gov should step in and help

      1. I agree. I am currently tapering off of clonazapam. I was taking 0.5 mg twice a day , now I take 0.125 in the morning and 0.187 at night. Since there aren’t any lower doses the pharmacy cuts my pills. I have been reducing my dosage by 1/8 the every 4 weeks.

    2. Lorazepam (Ativan generic) is available in the US in 0.5mg tablets. Better yet, Lorazepam is available in a liquid solution (Lorazepam Intensol) with 1ml of liquid equal to 2mg of Lorazepam. This makes it very easy to measure small dosages using small syringes (1ml and .1ml) which are cheap to purchase from Amazon. I have been using this to taper off Ativan with great success (so far).

      1. How do you do it successfully? I do water taper. I started with 1 ml per day at 300 ml. I am down to 170 ml. It is he’ll. I feel horrible. Back pain, stomach pain, headaches, nausea, anxiety, cannot sleep, depression, cry a lot and on and on….. I am desperate. Right now I am at around 0.9 mg of Ativan and I started 1.5 mg which is 0.75 ml of liquid form. Your feed back will be greatly appreciated.