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  1. Here is not a comment but a question. I regularly come across inappropriate addiction language in Pharmaceutical sites. Some of this is truly offensive and, of course, false. Does BIC have a place for reporting these harmful publications?

    I do not respond to the addiction ignorance episodes. As one person, I would be discounted.
    Related to this: Some well-meaning organizations in the UK still call the benzo injury an addiction. When corrected, they say that this is an unintended addiction. This must be tactfully corrected.

  2. I know of a few people who had chances to expose this ugly situation via TV interviews. Every one refused because testimony was to be followed by a rebuttal. This plan poses as balanced reporting. Balanced it is as in giving voice to the perpetrator.

    Those who relinquish privacy and tell their stories in order to prevent harm to others should be honored.

    1. I will gladly relinquish my privacy…. show my face….open my big mouth to ANYONE AND EVERYONE WHO WILL LISTEN. Not just to my horrid story of being on Klonopin for TWENTY FIVE YEARS but to everyone’s story. Thank you for all you guys are doing!

  3. I want everyone at BIC to know that I am extremely grateful for everything you are doing. Someday, when I am well, I’d love to be of some help in this same capacity.

  4. And your posts have been encouraging to me. I especially like your last paragraph above, about being able to point others to BIC and then stand down. I, too, am so very grateful for BIC.

  5. This really touches my heart to see how many people are going through what I have been through most of my life. I found out late in my life that it was the benzos killing me 32 years I was percribed Xanax and struggled through life lost jobs homes everything and I’m still fighting everyday. I hope that more doctors and government inform themselves so they can stop this suffering. thank god for benzoinfo.com it’s nice to know that we are not alone in the fight to servive. god bless

    1. I hear you and feel for you. I’m in a very similar situation. I was prescribed Klonopin TWENTY FIVE YEARS AGO. I’m still unable to get off of them. I understand you…?

      1. Are you still on clonazepam ? I am 89 years old and my doctor put me on clonazepam for a bad panic attack around 1985 or 6. .05 since cut in half to take morning and evening 9 am &9pm as you see that is about 28 years . I never took more but did try to cut down . I have daily withdrawal but handle . at my age I am in good health. Any suggestions thank you Note My frist,second ,third Doc have all passed on but every dr since kept me on the pill. not one said lets stop.

  6. Thank you for this honest and thoughtful article. I can’t tell you how many people I know taking some form of benzo as prescribed who are completely unaware of the true dangers. When doctors prescribe people medication the patient seems to think it’s safe no matter what. I saw my family member go through all of the horrific changes that can occur from benzo use. He took it as prescribed. It is hard to explain to others who haven’t seen it firsthand. From the beginning of his prescription through the years of prescribed use leading to multiple adverse effects both physical and mental, to the unfortunate detox center withdrawal nightmare to his multiple hospitalizations afterward and to his finale as death by suicide, no one truly understands who hasn’t seen it firsthand.

  7. Nicole, Great article and so glad you brought up the Lester Hold NBC report, if you can call it that…if you sneezed you would have missed it. I am a big fan of Lester Holt and watch him often, but your observations were spot on. Keep up the good fight. Hawkins