We are inviting and urging anyone who has taken a benzodiazepine to fill out a short survey/questionnaire. The survey is intended to document experiences people have had or currently have due to benzodiazepine use or withdrawal, possibly with other medications, including experiences with extended symptoms over years.

This is the first survey ever to document the frequency of certain experiences, so we very much want to hear your personal experience. We hope to hear from hundreds of people if possible. Survey authors are Christy Huff, M.D, and Jane Macoubrie, Ph.D. Dr. Huff is director of the non-profit Benzodiazepine Information Coalition; Dr. Macoubrie is adjunct faculty at the University of Southern California.
All responses are completely anonymous. Please do click on the link below and have your experiences documented in our data. It should take about 10 minutes, and your time is greatly appreciated. THANKS in advance!!

About me: This survey questionnaire is a labor of love for me, since I am now 1.5 years post abruptly stopping a benzodiazepine. The symptoms have really affected my life, as many can appreciate.

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