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  1. Does anyone know a dr. who will help my son taper off benzos. He is 24 he needs to find someone who can help him taper. He has tapered off 3 weeks but his symptoms are so bad he needs to find someone who will help him do it slower and no one will help him, They won’t prescribe anything and detox won’t help him because he’s not on a drug.
    He is in Kingston NY can go anywhere to any dr. near or city.
    please help. mom

  2. I took Cipro and bromazepan and those put me in a very bad withdrawal situation at he end of 17′ ,three months of hell . At the beggining of 18′ Clonazepan with buspar stabilize me some how after 4 months. Then a long 10 months taper that end up in February this year. Never was 100% stable after the taper but functional. After taking L theanin suplement to improve my anxiety I had such a bad withdrawal that i had to reinstate. Klonopin again save me of such a horrendous withdrawal. Went back to the 1 mg dose for about 3 weeks now and improving daily. Million dollar question: Should I keep going and get more stabilized. I already vivit several doctors and they want to add more meds to the mix. Don’t really know what to do. Ashton talks about adding antidepresanta in certain circunstampces. Have to see other doctors nex week don’t know if press and tell them to keep going with the klonoping for a while and then taper. My job is at risk if if I mess up. Please any that reinstate after three months have any advice it would be very much appreciated.

      1. Yes It’s been almost 9 months and I’m at 0.080 mg from 1 mg in June last year. It was not easy but I was able to keep working and doing other activities. Now at this low dose it’s getting more difficult but I keep going low and slow. What I learned in this two years of nightmare is that this drugs amplify whatever was wrong with you before and also add other symptoms. I think that Cipro antibiotic placed me in this situation and although benzodiazepines helped me at the very beginning now they became another devil to fight.
        This drugs also play with your brain a lot so most of the stuff is more psychosomatic than anything else. Hopefully I’ll be my normal again soon.

  3. Ah, I just posted a comment but put in the wrong email! I am trying to keep on a the path and start a taper without any other drugs that dr and family want me to take. I would love to take something if it would work and cause no harm. That does not seem to be the case. However, has anyone every found a way to use something to help with sleep when withdrawing from Benzos?

    1. Yes, after 6years on Dyhdracodeine, I quit cold turkey. And 8 years of Diazepam abuse, I just vaped weed in the evenings, though I must say ignorance was bliss. After I done this now 4 years sober of weed too. The information of withdrawals etc is very scary. I now help people with benzodiazepines withdrawals and am making people aware of the awful new street Analog Benzos, Etizolam, which has destroyed many lives in Scotland now the UK. I advise not too smoke weed like I did or take anything else unless needed not for the Benzo withdrawals. Or read too much up on the drugs withdrawal symptoms and too not drink alcohol. Except a long taper of Valium, with positive people around you and support network. Idea is to get down too 30mg say Diazepam, stabilise for 2months then taper 1mg every 2weeks until taking 0.25 or even lower up to the individual. Good luck

  4. I am really trying to be on the path of tapering and staying off the other drugs that my doctors and family want me to use for depression. Honestly, I want to use something to – if it would work and cause no harm. What I wonder is there anything that folks have been able to use safely in a taper to help with sleep? It is so debilitating not to be able to sleep. Makes everything else so hard.

  5. My long and painful journey regarding Benzodiazepines, began in 1989. I blamed myself, believing the Psychiatric and Substance Abuse communities,,given various diagnoses and comments, such as, “Your disease is kicking your ass!” I was put in detox for 14 days, and not believed that I was hallucinating and experiencing depersonalization. I attempted suicide in 2008 during a taper, and subsequently was deemed Permanently Disabled in 2010, and even though I went back to school to complete my masters in Social Work, I haven’t worked since that time.

    Thank you ?? with all my heart, because for the first time, I don’t blame myself for this horrific injury. I was the victim of an incompetent general practitioner, who refused to make the referral for a Therapist, prescribed Xanax, then dropped me as his patient. 30 years ago, and my entire family and of course myself still suffer from this negligence. I recently googled this Dr., only to find his license was Suspended,,,Not Revoked! Thank you for giving me hope that I will complete this taper and heal, while along the way, be of service to others who walk with me.

  6. Thank you for enlightening me. I’ve been on polygrugs for 11 years and I’ve gone through hell and attempted suicide, been arrested for DUI, lost my job, my health, etc.Good people don’t deserve this medically-induced soul crushing. Ativan is my last one and I’m tapering slowly, but it is very hard physically. Because of people like you and the good knowledge, I know I’ll be successful.

    1. Please help JC. I am very trapped. I have to taper off the rest ot Klonopin. Somehow the last sevetal months i got down to .75 mg of Klonopin from 1.5. I am very disabled and scared. Stagnant- sticking brain. I have to taper off rest to really heal but can’t get help with slow taper and to make matters worse i have telapse sevete OCD. Worh words ,notions ,talk so can’t explain my very complicated scenario over 19 months.i can’t find out how to dlowly taper.75 mg. Of Klonopin 5 to 10 % tapers. Can’t understand it from Ashton and can’t talk to my clinic where i get scripts and doc won’t learn it and they want me te see therapist there who blew me away and said false things to me nonone should say to OCD VICTIM AND I SAW WHAT YOU SAID ABOUT benzo victims and therapy. For my ocd alone it is not recommeded and i can’t even send them articles or print them. And i can’t search anymre and explain my scenario to anybody but have to do something. Feel i can’t take it another day even tapering this poisin. Cant go to hosp. For mant reasons . That could cause worse than death, beyond words because my stagnant brain – i cant do or feel what used to be my simple satisfaction to master any fatal news,so till i shed benzo have,to stay away from certain tests and hosp. And they taper toi fast and did alot other violations to me to make it worse. Don’t even say anything about that- i get worst trgger that i really can’t take and if i went there and they told me i had cancer or some fatal disease on top of how i feel now and i can’t go work out like i used to or go to a party or dinner, i havent had one drink in 20 months. So if i was told that on top of how i feel and couldn’t do the things to help a lil at least and master it. I can’t take any sttess like i did. That would be death worse than death, beyond death. So rt now i just have to find rt help to do slow taper like Ashton. 5 to 10 % and can’t find it and can’t explain my scenario to anybody else. It got so complicated and with my ocd and stagnant – sticking brain. I am trapped. Feel i can’t take another day of it,have nowhere to go to get rt help and can’t call anyone, even family and close friends cause I cant explain my scenario. I have had binds and traps and barriers every day for 19 months.

      1. Dear Steven,
        I Hear and Understand You. I Believe You. Please be Gentle and Go Slowly. Do you have a Doctor? Is it possible that you switch over to a Longer Acting Benzodiazepine, such as Valium? I Know that helped me on this Journey. Thank you for being Honest and Open. We Need You. Keep Reaching Out?

      2. Down to librium taper. For the months of Jan through April of this year, with just 2 10mg librium daily I felt fine. Returned to running, music, socializing, but come May I began experiencing intense rumination, insomnia, SI, worse in the morning and sometimes I would feel better I continued through the day. Do not sense that my psychiatrist appreciates just how difficult this journey can be. A real nightmare at times. Simply seeking some suggestions, feedback, etc.

    2. Ativan has a short half life. I have been more successful by crossing over to Valium (diazepam).
      .5 Ativan is equal to 15 mg Valium…. so be sure to check the conversion of what you are taking.

      Good luck. I am slow tapering. I take pills and use the liquid to reduce the dose on a daily basis I reduce it for a few days and then hold till I feel stable and then reduce it a little more. I use an allergy syringe and withdraw only a little …. like .2 ml. but I do that every day then stop and hold at that dose.

      I did the cut the pill thing and ended up in the hospital. So … go slow and use the Ashton manual as a guide.

      1. Well Ashton is pill cutting. Because her thinking was limited to pill-cutting, she advocated using low potency per mg benzos as in Diazepam.

        These limits do not apply when using the right liquid. Extremely small reductions can be measured when using the correct liquid at the correct strength (mg/ml).
        Using a liquid delivery form is not actually a method. It is only a delivery form. .

  7. God Bless you JC !!! We victims need to educate doctors,
    nurses, pharmaseutical companies. NAMI. American Psychiatric Association. And many many more .. Universities, Neurologists,
    Psychiatrists, Psychologists. We have been injured and beyond
    hell. We need the MEDIA to get hold of all our stories to
    change all forms of mental and behavioural health. God bless you.

    1. We have to Blake. I am so traumatizex now and i was a confident,positive,vibrant guy. Iwas,a talented singer/ guitarist and loved performing with my son. The prescription dependence took everything,even my music. I don’t know how i am going to get off the rest of this. I don’t know how to do a,slow taper and can’t even find a doctor to work on it with me as per Ashton or similar small tapers. They caused the problem with no warning and now they won’t help. Too busy with patients every 15 minutes. It is a crime.
      It should get in the media. I am all for it. I am too damaged to even explain my scenario but if you want to make a, report, i support you and would testify. Thank You. We should have it exposed and fined.

      1. Dear Steve

        I feel the same way you do. I wish I was never ever prescribed Klonopin by a psychiatrist who didn’t know what he was doing and still doesn’t. It has ruined my life. I do my best to get the word out.
        Zelig Dolinsky,Ph.D.

      2. Steve, check out benzobuddies.org. lots of info there on how to slow taper and instructions on turning to liquid to reduce in small ml with a syringe.

        1. I learned about the liquid titration method from benzobuddies.org. It worked very well for me. I didnt have any professional help figuring the method out. Go to the “Planning Your Withdrawal (Taper Plans)” on benzobuddies. I posted my method using simple tools and a little arithmetic. Getting a family member to help you get started would be great.

          Yes, it is criminal what happens. Doctors (sic) keep pushing another pill to solve this symptom. So many people are poly drugged, then cant figure out how to get out of the hell created by the medical community.

          I tapered from 4 mG clonazepam over 11 months and also tapered from 800 mG nefazodone. It can be done. I am 8 months benzo free and feel pretty good. The key is go slow, no need for a years taper. Your body will tell you went you hit your speed.

          Good luck to everyone in this battle. There is hope, pray a lot, exercise if you can, keep notes and adjust as needed. Be very cautious of the medical profession as most dont know how to taper…IMO.

        2. Benzobuddies, the website, ridicules the actual liquid taper form while claiming it as its own and publishing incorrect scientific “fact”. How is this possible?

          It actually claimed that “the suspension is preferred to a solution”. It promoted water to “dissolve” all benzos and now alcohol is the new thing. Ignorance is harmful.

      3. Thank you to Lisa Ling for her airing about benzos. Need many more episodes on this subject. I wish there were support groups so we could help each other. Only we know what we are going through. I would be interested to know if any research has been done on CBD without TBC helping withdrawal symptoms.