BIC loves publishing unique stories that address issues surrounding benzodiazepine problems.  We have some guidelines we’ve learned best meet the needs of our organization. If you have an interest in blogging for us please review the list of guidelines and submit your topic idea to [email protected].  We typically do not publish blogs that simply tell individual stories, but blogs that increase knowledge of the pressing issues found with benzodiazepine injury. There are exceptions, but please contact us prior to ensure this type of blog is needed. You can reference BIC’s existing blogs to get a sense of previously approved content; this is a good example piece.

  1. Our goal is to increase awareness outside of the benzodiazepine harmed community, so we ask for all topics to be broadly understandable and relatable and written in layman’s terms.
  2. We do not accept blogs that seem to insult the medical profession, or focus on other medications besides benzodiazepines. We do not accept blogs that recommend holistic cures, promote individual businesses, ask for donations or provide medical advice.
  3. Please keep the length between 500 to 2000 words.
  4. Use links to avoid redundancy. If a topic is already thoroughly explained elsewhere, there is no need to thoroughly explain it in the blog. If needed, hyperlink to other blogs on BIC’s site or other relevant evidence which supports any claims that are not common knowledge to a layperson or to define “benzo jargon”. Please reference respected medical literature or credible sources when hyperlinking outside of BIC’s site. If you are unsure if something is a credible or respected source, please ask.
  5. We will not print blogs that describe physical dependence as addiction or use addiction language (used, clean, etc) when you are describing as prescribed benzodiazepine use.
  6. Your submitted blog will be reviewed by BIC members and volunteers. It may be retitled to optimize search engine results.  BIC reserves the right to refuse your piece for any reason. If your piece is accepted, it may go through an editing process for grammar, clarity, and length. If it is edited, you will be given the opportunity to review it prior to being published.
  7. If you are a first time blogger for BIC, we require you to submit a personal bio (see other bios for examples) that will be published with your piece and any subsequent pieces.  Submission of a photo with your bio is recommended, but not required.
  8. Keep blogs areligious, devoid of politics, and absent any other controversial topics. If there is a topic that might touch on either one of these for any reason, please present it for approval before starting.
  9. If you are including photos in your blog, please submit the photos with appropriate credits.  If there are no photos or credits submitted, BIC will likely choose a relevant stock photo to accompany your piece.
  10. If we publish your blog on BIC’s site, please do not publish your blog elsewhere.