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  1. Hi, I have a seizure disorder and am on 0.5 mg of clonazepam at bedtime as an addition to an anticonvulsant, (Lamotrigine) , in fact it even says on RX ‘for anticonvulsant’. I was not prescribed it for anxiety, and in fact clonazepam is approved even as Mono therapy for seizures. My neurologist is extremely careful, and had said she would not go up on this dose, and admitted taking me off it would take very long time, so I feel she is being very responsible . She does ask if I feel it is still helping me, and it is. I have been on this dose for about little under 2 years. Previously I was on 0.25 mg at bedtime. It was only increased in 2020 because of increase in seizures after losing my father n sister to Covid, losing my job, hence financial difficulty, and the isolation at that time. If she plans on trying to reduce this, she plans on long period of time, “start slow, go slow”, same as switching my anti seizure med which we had to do, which took months to do the changeover to minimize any side effects plus I was monitored very carefully. So I feel if I ever come off this dose of clonazepam, it will be done slowly, carefully by my neurologist, who also is an Epilepsy specialist at one of the top hospitals in the U.S. known for their excellent neurology and epilepsy expertise. So I guess my situation is lot different than Pertersons or yours even.

  2. Anne Hry, maybe it is a good idea to stay at a hospital? Could your doctor refer you to one? It is much better if you can be under continuous care. Do you have a family member living with you, or are you living alone?
    Most of all, NEVER quit, and never quit asking for help. You deserve to get some relief.
    I had a period in my life when I experienced intense and persistent anxiety (you know, when every minute feels like an hour), then my psychiatrist recommended that I go to a hospital. In the end, my family supported me and asked not to go, and we decided to try and go to a hospital if it’s still as bad. Luckily, there was a slight bit of relief.
    What I’m saying is that a hospital stay is a GREAT solution and I know that it can help (my psychiatrist vouches for it)

  3. This is all great but how do we heal? I am sorry for the suffering of all. But no two people suggest the same things. That is the sad part. Then you have people who are still not healed that want to charge other’s by giving advise on diet and exercise who have no background. There is one affiliated she says with this site her name is Leslie. But she is not a doctor. She thinks that care of patients is second in her business. But she says she is affiliated with other “better benzo sites”. But I see nothing on here that is helping anyone.

  4. I know you’re not giving medical advice here, but I would love to hear an educated opinion.

    I’m 68 years old. I was recently prescribed .5mcg of Klonopin 3 times a day for 30 days. I have only taken one tablet per day instead of the prescribed 3. When I stopped, I felt hyper crazy after three days, Does this suggest that the withdrawal/taper could be relatively shorter than if I had taken the the full prescription of 3 a day? Or are all withdrawals the same length regardless of the initial term and amount of taking the drug?


  5. Hi Nicole,
    TY for helping me get off benzos even tho I reinstated. I am now again @67 tapering 10 mg Valium, just started today. Sorry for the past judgements. I apologize ?
    I hope you are doing well helping other get of addictive drugs. Xox

  6. “Mr. Peterson does not have an addiction problem, he developed a prescribed physical dependence. . . . Addiction is a behavior. It involves abuse, it involves drug seeking, whereas people can become physically dependent simply by taking their medications as prescribed by their doctor and they have no behavior of abuse or drug seeking.”

    This is absurd thinking. Having prescriptions filled cannot be drug-seeking? Tell that to that pill mill doctors. A prescription does not negate addiction, and I’m sick of the rationalizing and blind acceptance of Mikhaila’s attempt at curating the narrative here. If taking supposed “low-dose” Klonipin for years then upping it when life gets harder doesn’t qualify as a “behaviour” issue, I’m at a loss. To say nothing of the fact that he stayed on the increased dosage for 8 bloody months even though he had an IMMEDIATE parodoxical reaction? What doctor said, “no, go ahead, ignore the reaction & just keep at it?”

    Have you not noticed there’s an excuse for everything here? ‘It was for an autoimmune issue, it was because of his wife getting sick, it was prescribed by a doctor, it was merely physical dependence!’ That’s Grade-A enabler self-negotiation. Or gullibility. How on earth does a clinical psychologist who’s spoken of the ills of overmedicating and addiction not know the addictive qualities of Klonipin? This babe in the woods routine is getting nauseating, and your accommodating it isn’t helping.

  7. Hello,
    i have had chronic pain from whiplash injuries for 35 years. I had several pain treatment regimens including Botox, injections, acupuncture, opioids, message, PT, relaxation, psychotherapy, antidepressant therapy, and duloxetine. I trudged through life and decided not to go on disability. I got myself off of the opiods, and now barely control my pain with naprosyn, Tylenol, stretching, relaxation, posture, a special pillow, working only part time, heat, some exercise, and Ativan 0.5 mg. prn on the bad days. I can go without it, but it helps me without sedation or impairment. Now, I am finding it hard to find a doctor, even pain clinic, to prescribe the prn Ativan. I find I have been treated like I am a drug addict and doctors are not very understanding or compassionate. I get diarrhea from medical marijuana. I just want my life back, or even some relief. Any idea? The traditional muscle relaxants had no effect.

    1. I am suffering currently similar situation. I dont know where to find help off these meds. Was sent to Detox and they cold turkeyed my Benzo, Ambien and pain med with substitutes. I suffered terrible symptoms. Insomnia, sweats, shakes, teeth clenching, metallic taste, muscle loss, panic, anxiety, chills, pains, fatigue, weight loss, fear, worry, memory loss and so much more. Been suffering for years now. Taking meds make me feel terrible and trying to lower them cause horrible withdrawals. Need Help!! Can you please direct me to someone who can help. Roseville, Mi.48066 Please Respond. Losing Hope. ??‍♀️???

      1. My meds were also prescribed and taken as directed. I even tried taking less if not needed. Then I got to a point where my symptoms returned worse than the beginning. Doctors just want to keep adding meds. I just need the know how of how to get off this benzo I’m currently still having to take. Then you have doctors who start it than stop it than a new doctor puts you back on. I also noticed I felt worse after being prescribed Cipro for a UTI. What antibiotic should I have have been ok to take? Thanks again. Please Help!!??