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  1. I persuaded my daughter to stop taking Temazepam as a sleeping pill – she stopped – she said “ Mum you will be pleased with me – I stopped taking Temazepam”
    I said “ Oh good darling as I am sure it is not good for you – I think it stops dreaming”.
    This was in August 1995 and we had no Patient Information until the EU in 1997 made it mandatory for manufacturers to provide Patient Information Leaflets .
    The day after this conversation with my daughter Karen, she died in a fall from her 7th floor bedroom window after standing on a chair to observe a commotion outside. There was unknown to us a broken safety catch on the swivel window.

    I believe her judgement was impaired due to over prescribed psychotropic medication, mistakenly high dose of procyclidine to alleviate dystonic side effects and of course suddenly stopping a Benzo was the final blow to her ability to calculate risk.