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  1. I wish this had not happened to her. Hopefully, her speaking out has inspired someone to take action for change in their lives. American healthcare is too wrapped up in prescribing pills and/or surgeries. Not much compassion for mankind in those options. So many people go to their doctor, who carry their prescription pads on their bodies.

    I can’t wait to see you in August here in Austin, Stevie

    1. I never knew.
      I just wanted to be better, my anxiety caused panic attacks,
      imagine 13 years. only .01 mg nightly &
      I never took the rest of my prescription. I only took it at night.
      Somehow, I realized my vision, memory and twitching was absolutely from this medication. And then
      my fight to get off this poison was a nightmare.
      I tapered down to .05 for 6 months
      then to half of that only for a week, my mistake i didnt want to be on it anymore, im now told i should have done .25 mg for another 3 months, therefore
      much to my surprise…
      I was in a state of depersonalization, as I read later. nothing was real. Paranoia, muscle spasms, heart racing, body temperature increase and decrease. no sleep… I did everything I knew in my soul to get through.
      my one thought was that I knew I didn’t feel like that when I went on this medication, so this was a temporary feeling, I prayed and meditated.
      practiced deep breathing. I couldn’t drive, sleep or eat. I made myself drink water and eat chicken noodle soup for 3 weeks. There was so much more to this month long withdrawal. which is the worst of it. every day after that is better and better. I know after taking this for 13 years for anxiety.
      My words to anyone who wants to be off of their prescription. Absolutely, taper and be strong, have a plan, exercise, even just a walk. Expect to feel detached and know it’s temporary. Drink lots of fluids and vitamins, every day will get a little better.
      Just know your body will recover and you will be better.
      God Bless all

    2. My journey to come off Klonopin has just begun and it’s a nightmare so far. I took .5 mg at bedtime for over 20 years. My neurologist originally prescribed it for Restless Leg Syndrome in 2001. My Current Dr was totally shocked I had taken this dangerous “addictive” drug for 20+ years.

      The hardest part of detox is the lethargy from lack of sleep and the overall zombie effect, often referred to as depersonalization. I feel like a wobbly, walking waste case. I did 2 weeks at approx. .375 mg (cutting tablets) now on .25mg dissolving tablets. Dr wants me to stay at this level for 2 months.
      Hope he knows what he’s doing, because I really feel Whacky.
      Roche Pharmaceutical should be sued over development of this poison!

  2. my wife has taken this junk for like 30 years it was ruined our family she will not stop taking it it should be fucking out loud like crack her hair when her cocaine or anything else that’s damaging to you and a family nobody should be on this longer than 2 weeks

  3. I’ve been forced down to 0.5 milligram once a day with no warning. Only prescribed 0.5 mlg. 3 times a day as needed.Have’ nt slept for 3 days. So tired, feel like pulling hair out and I’ve chewed on 5 fingers and wearing Band-Aids on left hand,
    all fingers, after 5 yrs. Too much, too fast

  4. I believe the Author meant to write Cocaine, not Klonopin here:
    “I guess when people go off Klonopin (cocaine) they have a hard time.”
    It’s well-documented that Stevie did NOT have an unusually challenging time getting off cocaine.
    Stevie, like so many dealing with the unimaginable horror of Benzodiazepine’s “Gotcha” moment and then rapid descent thereafter, was unprepared as to what she may experience at Home and going forward after she left the rehab facility for cocaine.
    She might surely have have had some understanding of what may come, allowed “it” all, help onto her deep understanding that I am healing and this discomfort is Temporary.
    She would have endured with grace and grit while remaining steadfast and hopeful in her Recovery.
    No, no might. She would have.
    The majority of Us would have.
    She was drug-free and healing, ready to return to Love and her music.
    She was also terribly weary and working Stevie-Hard to hard at finding her way back to Love.

    Of. Course. She. Was.

    Not at all her natural disposition. Other people missed the “old” ( on cocaine) Stevie and they suggested (pushed) her to see a psych doctor. Our Gypsy Goddess was simply trying to get her bearings and come back to Herself after all the work and healing she devoted herself to in rehab.
    Stevie Nicks is a Warrior and my spirit animal.
    Eternally grateful to Stevie for inspiring me along my way, as a person and as a musician. Rediscovering
    her Music held me on my Journey.
    Thank you, Ms. Stephanie Lynn, you will continue to walk alongside me as we handle the Seasons of our lives.
    Can we? ❤️

  5. Thank you for making this story public. It is horrible to take a drug as directed and not know the devastating effect it has on my life. It made me think I was dying, want to die and try to make that happen.