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Our very own Dr. Jim Wright and Nicole Lamberson, PA speak with Medicating Normal filmmaker Lynn Cunningham and film subject Angela Peacock about medication safety at a movie screening for the Foreign Policy Association.

Dr. Jim Wright is a clinical pharmacologist w expertise on benzodiazepines, former director of the Therapeutics Initiative, Professor emeritus of anesthesiology, pharmacology and therapeutics at the University of British Columbia. He currently serves on Benzodiazepine Information Coalition’s medical board and helps patients safely taper slowly off benzodiazepines. 

Nicole Lamberson, who has survived her own benzodiazepine harm, serves on our medical board, advocating about the risks of prescribed benzodiazepine use in order to prevent patient harm.

Lynn Cunningham co-directed Medicating Normal, along with Wendy Ractliffe. Medicating Normal is a documentary that tells the story of individuals with prescribed harm. Angela Peacock, MSW, joins the discussion as one of those benzodiazepine-harmed individuals.

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