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  1. I was on Klonopin then switched to Vailuim for my taper which took years. I finally jumped off 2 motns ago and now can sleep…at all.After 3 weeks of insomnia and taking every over the counter pill and remedy with no avail …I finally too an adivan this morning and slept for 5 hours!

    Not sure what to do now.


  2. Prescribed Ativan at age 29 for cancer diagnosis and chemotherapy… fast forward now 59 and trying to get off. Looking back I realize all the problems they have caused and now REALLY struggling with my taper….. very evil drug?

  3. I am looking for a doctor to help me taper off Xanax.My PCP has prescribed me this medication for 10 years.I live inSaint Petersburg Florida.Please help

  4. Almost 6 years post Lorazepam – short term for sleep – 6 months start to taper. Started randomly and had interdose withdrawal almost immediately but didn’t know it was the meds or even knew what interdose withdrawal was. Thought it was hormones making me crazy. I did find Benzo Buddies – have no idea how!!! That’s how I learned it was the meds making me insane!! I am now in my 5th horrendous, tortuous setback. It’s been two months now. The previous 7 months, I was healed. But before that my 4th most hellish setback lasted 11 months. I am completely healed in between setbacks. I have been sick for longer than I took the med. I still can’t believe I trusted my doctor who knew I was into health and nutrition and knew that I didn’t even take aspirin or rarely antibiotics.

    Thank you for all the work you do. I wish so bad protracted withdrawal and setbacks like mine could be brought more to the forefront as well as the evil these drugs cause right from the beginning. It seems like when Lisa Ling made an appearance on Dr. Oz when her documentary first came out, there has been nothing at all on mainstream media…nothing at all. We need help so bad and research to be done to find out why some of us are so injured for life and why some of us can be healed but then hit again in a setback as if we are initially withdrawing from the med.

  5. Please help me was prescribed mist if my life up to 8 mg now they think I’m crazy bcuz I’m having issues I need a taper Springfield Mo

    1. Angela,

      I am a 63 YO male this is now 23+ months benzo free. Do you have someone you can trust to read the Ashton manual? Many doctors dont care or dont know how to taper you off. I was on 4mg clonazepam for many years. I used pill cutting and ended with liquid titration in a 11 month taper. It can be done. I would use the liquid titration method, more trouble but worth it.

      Read the Ashton Manual. Get someone to help you! I am telling you it can be done! Its a battle but one you must fight! I learned liquid titration on Benzobuddies.org but I suggest getting someone to help you read the Ashton Manual.

      Hang tough girl, you can do it!