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Dr. Patricia Halligan hosts Dr. Christy Huff and Nicole Lamberson, PA on her podcast Recovery, the Heroes Journey:

Cardiologist Dr. Christy Huff and Physician Assistant Nicole Lamberson tell how they both survived Xanax and are healing from years of a severe, debilitating protracted withdrawal syndrome. One was prescribed Xanax for insomnia and the other for work-related stress. Despite taking their medication as prescribed, they developed worsening rebound anxiety, crippling side effects, tolerance and inter-dose withdrawal. It took Dr. Huff years to wean off benzodiazepines and Nicole was rapidly withdrawn in a “detox” facility. In the process, both became completely incapacitated and no longer able to function or work. These medical professionals experienced first-hand the medical community’s total lack of awareness around benzodiazepine physical dependence and severe, protracted withdrawal.