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Benzo Bulletin is a Benzodiazepine Information Coalition series highlighting some of the latest benzodiazepine-related information.

From Healthline: 

The most frequent reason for ER visits due to medication harms in younger adults ages 25 to 44 involved nontherapeutic use of benzodiazepines.

Benzodiazepines, which are commonly used for anxiety, muscle spasms, and seizures, can cause breathing difficulties if taken in excess or with other substances.

According to Kaiser, a high percentage of visits involved the benzodiazepine alprazolam (Xanax), taken in conjunction with alcohol and other substances, which increases the risk of overdose or other adverse events.

“High rates of side effects within younger age groups reflect their ubiquitous presence in our society, and a need to focus on mental health, substance abuse treatment, and suicide prevention,” Cotliar said.

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