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  1. I am on ativan 20 plus years as a 9-11 survivor. I a moving to a small town in Texas and desperate to titrate ( I got off once).I have severe interdose withdrawal Please reach out to me. I would be so grateful. I have been trying to get both involved as a grant writer and find resources for help. Thank you.

  2. My former phyciatrist had prescribed clonazepam for me and had me take them for many years. When I wanted off He had me off in about 6 weeks and the rebound anxiety brain zaps as well as other physical symptoms where to much so I had to start back up . Go forward a few more years and I spoke with my new PCP because my previous PCP retired anyway my new PCP agreed to slowly wiening me off of benzodiazepines. My phyciatrist and the clinic decided since I was having my PCP do the weining process that I no longer needed thier services and stopped my therapy sessions and dis enrolled me from the clinic completely. . Thankfully my new pcp is helping me get off of the benzodiazepines but the withdrawal symptoms at times are painful and intense.. I just wanted to share my experiences thanks for listening.

    1. You dont need to wein off in a certain time period, you can reduce the dose by 1/4 and stay on that for 6 months and wein off in a matter of years not months.