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Australian Designer Aurelio Costarella was prescribed benzodiazepines by his doctor for anxiety. Aurelio, in an ABC interview, recalls his doctor’s advice and prescribing:

I went from one benzo to two benzos, to three benzos and you know, twice daily, three times daily, and I didn’t question it because I felt that I was being looked after. You shouldn’t be on a benzodiazepine for longer than two to four weeks. Well, I was on three benzodiazepines for three to four years.

Despite believing he was safe, Aurelio Costarella was harmed by prescribed benzodiazepines. He described his “hellish battle” stopping benzodiazepines in a Perth Now interview:

The suicidal thoughts I’ve had over this last year are worse than when I was going through my darkest days with depression and anxiety.

I get paranoid and feel hypersensitive to light and noise so even a trip to the supermarket is a nightmare for me. I tend to run in, grab what I need and get out as fast as I can.

In October of 2020, Aurelio shared on his Twitter that he was in his 32nd consecutive month of Benzodiazepine Withdrawal Syndrome.

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