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Benzo Bulletin is a Benzodiazepine Information Coalition series highlighting some of the latest benzodiazepine-related information.

A New York Times article that ran in 1979:

Last week a Senate panel held hearings into the prescribing of Valium, now taken routinely by more than 15 percent of the adult population, and concluded that if its use continues to climb, more millions of Americans will be relying on Valium to start, face and end the day.

“Classically today, if a woman walks into her doctor’s office and says, ‘I’m nervous, my husband drinks too much,’ the doctor will automatically give her a tranquilizer,” testified Dr. Joseph Punch, Navy psychiatrist and specialist on drug dependence. According to Government statistics, doctors wrote more than 68 million prescriptions for Valium and Librium, alone, last year. continued heavy Valium promotion efforts, and unknown numbers of people demanded that doctors prescribe something, anything, relieve their anxiety.

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