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  1. It was my experience that multiple physicians only misdirected me. Ultimately, I listened to my body and the rate of neuroadaptation my brain could handle, which was many times slower than any physician I met suggested. I did find a doctor willing to go along with MY program, which was in the neighborhood of a 5 percent reduction per month. I had to do my own research to learn about the numerous substances affecting GABA that I need to avoid as they caused exacerbations of withdrawal.

  2. I would greatly appreciate help from a medical professional who could go over my use and taper off of a low dose of Klonopin.

    I have been searching for someone and I’m frustrated that nobody seems to have the knowledge to help me!

    1. I am an occupational therapist and have been through benzo withdrawal twice. I know what worked for me and am happy to share. I reduced at about 5 percent per month.