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  1. You don’t know anything about medications used off label for people who have had brain injuries. no medication is made for anyone with a TBI. the medications do not have the same effects as it does on the general population with no TBI. You don’t have any information on the number of people who were killed by medical workers that can take someone off a medication that don’t have the knowledge they will kill that person. they don’t have any knowledge that you can never let a patient have any with drawl symptoms because that is actual brain damage that is occuring and they will not fully recover from it. it takes at least a minimum of 2 years for someone taking them for a long time and you never take anyone off without having a replacement medication and if the patient has any withdrawl symptoms you immediatly stop the withdrawl and you put them back on the dose they were getting. and you don’t die from alprazalam because no one can get the amount of pills it would take to kill someone. you may go into a coma but you come out with no damage done to your brain. Medical providers kill the person. no TBI person ever dies from alprazalam. I would like to find one person who can prove a TBI person ever died taking alprazalam and wasn’t a recreational drug user instead. what proof do you have on a TBI brain and what it did to a brain using Nuclear Spect Scans because a brain 30 years on a high dose shows there is no damage whatsoever done to the human brain. but you can prove what bamage was done to a person who was murdered by not getting their alprazalam.