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  1. Greetings,

    This is…Disappointing. I’ve got fairly severe anxiety, particularly nightmares, and I have been taking Lorazepam for over ten years without any negative side-effects whatsoever, backed by a mainline medication (Risperdal). It’s enabled me to live a full life. No reason for this change in policy is cited other than dependence, but to me that sounds like a warning to be dependent on oxygen. The medication corrects a chemical imbalance in my brain. Why shouldn’t people have access to medication that allows them to walk forward rather than live in past trauma? Because they *might* develop a “dependence” on it? On the thing that fixes the broken chemical production in their brain?

    I mean, really think about it. “You’d best be careful, you might get addicted to food!” sounds pretty much like what I’m hearing, here.

    My warmest regards,
    –Jesse Pohlman

    1. I would like you to know that the Benzos gave me a quality of life for 14 years until they turned on me. I didn’t have any negative effects on it either. One day my panic started getting bad and i started to develop tolerance. I’ve now been bedbound for 4 years. I never thought this would be my life at 34 but this is what this drug did to me.

    2. Hi! I understand you have benefited, but I must point out that, despite billions spent on research, there is no scientific evidence supporting the existence of chemical imbalances. The concept is considered outdated marketing lingo.

      1. There is no chemical imbalance. The drug doesn’t correct a chemical
        Imbalance. We have panic for different reasons and it’s not from a chemical imbalance. Mine was from trauma and i had no idea. They even came out with the study that shows depression is not a chemical
        Imbalance. I truly think it all goes back to trauma. You don’t have a chemical imbalance. Something triggered your panic and the drug suppressed it. I promise you I thought the same exact things you are saying. Now i am 34 and i went from a full functioning happy person to now being bedridden. I am more than happy to talk to you one on one. All the things you are saying are the same things I said. I just don’t want anyone to have to go though what I am
        Or what others are.

    3. Also I want you to know, i was put on this because my panic was caused my severe cptsd -i had many traumas that led to this. And yes i had a quality of life for 14 years but this drug doesn’t allow you to move forward instead of living in past trauma. What it does is suppress that trauma and sedates it so it doesn’t bother you. Problem is our body’s remember these traumas and eventually that trauma will come out in other ways. Like i said in another post, this drug gave me what i thought was my life back…14 years later my panic started to return severely and that was from the drug now becoming a dependence thing. I know there are some people who get lucky and never have this issue but that’s like playing Russian Roulette. It’s not ok for doctors to keep prescribing this and then people like myself and others start to suffer immensely. I never thought what happened to me could happen. Now i have educated myself and know that I need to process my trauma in a safe way once I am off this drug. I didn’t think my trauma was even effecting me after being put on klonopin. But eventually it backfired and I know now that suppressed it all so it didn’t bother me. But do you think it’s worth it to let doctors keep prescribing this to patients now knowing that many will eventually suffer something that could have been prevented. This isn’t a game. One too many people have had their lives ruined from this.

  2. Dear Editors,

    Thank you for this site. It is rare to find an agency or organization that is willing and brave enough to speak an uncommon truth about benzos. It should be in violation of the Nuremberg Code and grossly negligent for a medical professional at any level and of any discipline to not fully inform a potential client of the life threatening side effects and the known traumatic experiences suffered with attempts to withdraw. These drugs are useless illusionary crituches for those who believe they do not have the personal power to correct their imbalances, and all benzos should be outlawed with those who continue to prescribe being punished according to the law (Nuremberg Code). Those prescribing for children should be arrested and charged with chemical child abuse, a law that is yet to be written and considered for deliberation.