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  1. It’s unfortunate a more affordable version is not available that specifically deals with benzos. Not saying people should work for free but maybe a smaller pamphlet for a lower price considering how many are trying to get off these awful drugs.

  2. This is very much needed as the issue of benzodiazepine dependence does contribute to overgeneralization and stigmatization of psychiatric medicines. It’s essential to recognize that while benzodiazepines pose a risk of dependence, not all psychiatric medications share this characteristic to the same extent. Moreover, many individuals benefit greatly from these medications when used appropriately under the guidance of a healthcare professionalIt significantly affects the credibility of psychiatric medicines and perpetuates stigma surrounding mental health treatments

  3. I commented previously, on BIC facebook, that this should be available for purchase some place other than Amazon, as many do not shop there for ethical reasons. I was told it is available elsewhere. Where?