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  1. I’m happy that the BIND term is now being used, it’s a much more accurate description of what discontinuing benzodiazepines entails.

    As a normal, mentally healthy individual I found that stopping my low dose of Rivotril caused major changes both physically and psychologically. There aren’t/weren’t “underlying trauma not addressed” nor any traumatic event that caused these changes. It was the benzodiazepines without a doubt. Although after two years of stopping cold turkey I’m still having to deal with insomnia, strange pains that come and go (teeth, head) skin rashes that materialize and just as quickly cease, brain fog, eye floaters, numb or burning patches on extremities and sensitivity to caffeine and alcohol, all of which I’ve never experienced in my entire 63 years.

    This is NOT withdrawal, this is BIND. It’s about time it was recognized as such and steps taken to help the patient understand how to cope.

    I’m grateful for the work this coalition is doing, it’s provided valuable insight in dealing with “my new reality” and hope that this work will continue.