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  1. Finally the correct way to ‘taper’ someone off Benzos is being taught to our Medical Professionals!
    I have a Loved One who has been to several residential treatment facilities across the nation and all of them think that a proper Benzo taper is 7-10 days. Then they stop the Benzos at the end of Detox and watch the patients crash and burn for the remainder of the 30 day program, discharging them on no Benzos nor plans for aftercare or follow up plans with the physician back home! This actually amounts to malpractice, a word I hate to use as a fellow physician.
    Respectfully, Dr. John Pence; jwpence33@gmail.com

    1. This is so very true. I once was put on a 3-day benzo taper in a hospital and sent home with basically nothing. It was torture and so very cruel. Doctors and even psychiatrists need to be much better educated concerning benzo prescribing and de prescribing.