Frequently Asked Questions About BIC

About BIC

Why was Benzodiazepine Information Coalition founded?

Benzodiazepine-injured patients, who grew tired of suffering in silence, decided to take action and spread awareness and advocacy for patients about the benzodiazepine epidemic.

Are donations to BIC tax deductible?

Yes, BIC has 501(c)3 non-profit status.

In what capacity does BIC aid benzodiazepine injured individuals?

BIC provides resources on their website, instigates media coverage and research, and networks with medical professionals to break the silence around this epidemic and to bring benzodiazepine injury to the forefront of medical discussion.

Can BIC help with a benzodiazepine taper or problem?

We provide resources and recommended providers and support groups. We can not help individuals with specific cessation questions or support, and do not answer these questions. For more on specific providers and support groups, see here.

Is Benzodiazepine Information Coalition an anti-medicine movement?

Absolutely not. BIC exists to educate on the dangers of benzodiazepines only.

Does Benzodiazepine Information Coalition seek to ban benzos?

No. Due to the complicated and potentially disabling nature of benzodiazepine cessation, we firmly believe each patient has the right to a fully informed consent in choosing if and when to take benzodiazepines, and to choose a taper rate of their own when they decide to stop taking them.

We hope to prevent further patient injury by providing accurate information on the risks of benzodiazepine use. We understand that the most complicated and dangerous aspect of benzodiazepine use is cessation; the last thing we want to see is an outright ban on benzodiazepines that would result in thousands of unnecessary deaths.

How do I make a media request or interview? 

Visit our Media Kit and contact us at

How can I help Benzodiazepine Information Coalition?

You can share our content on social media, fill out an FDA report, sign up to participate in a media interview, join our Media Accuracy Teamdonate directly and choose us as your Amazon Smile charity.