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Bobbi Wilkins, PA-C

Bobbi is a Physician Assistant who resides in North Carolina. She obtained her BS degree from Regents University in New York in 1982 and worked as a Medical Technologist. She went on to complete the PA program at Wake Forest University in 1991 and a Masters degree in surgical oncology from University of Nebraska in 2004. She began practicing as a PA in 1991 and has experience in numerous fields including surgical oncology, oncology, gastroenterology, liver transplant, and neurosurgery.

Bobbi was put on Klonopin after a work related back injury in 2000.  She began to decline slowly. In 2012 she was medically detoxed off Klonopin, where she subsequently suffered severe withdrawal symptoms which left her disabled, both cognitively and physically.  Five years later her health has finally started to improve. She joins BIC’s Medical Advisory board to help further awareness of benzodiazepine iatrogenic injury. She also hopes to return to full time work in neurosurgery and train for 5Ks and a marathon when she is fully recovered. She currently stays busy with her dog Sully, who is her ever faithful companion.

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