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Patients and Loved Ones
  • We are not able to provide medical support for patients. Please see our resources and FAQs for our recommended support and resources.
  • We answer direct prescriber inquiries and questions. Please email us and we will respond, usually within 24-48 hours.
  • We provide assistance throughout the United States with benzodiazepine stories in the media including providing benzodiazepine patients and experts for interviews.
  • We have an extensive network of patients willing to go on the record about their experience.
  • Please visit our Media Center for more information about benzodiazepines, our organization and our media outreach.
  • Please email all requests to [email protected]. We will respond within 24 hours.
Legislators and Professional Organizations
  • We provide assistance and will advise on benzodiazepine related legislation, guidelines and other policies. Please email us directly at [email protected]
Conference and Event Speaking
  • If you are looking for a patient or professional speaker on the topic of benzodiazepines, or even a panel, we can help. Please email us directly with your request at [email protected]

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1042 Fort Union Blvd. PMB 1030 Midvale, Utah 84047

Please Note: Benzodiazepine Information Coalition cannot provide medical advice or support. Please see our Resources and FAQs if your inquiry is of this nature. If you are seeking a prescriber visit our Find a Benzodiazepine Withdrawal Doctor Page.


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We are an all volunteer run non profit and always looking for help! We ask everyone to participate in the following ways: 

Educating about the potential adverse effects of benzodiazepines taken as prescribed.

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1042 Fort Union Blvd. PMB 1030 Midvale, Utah 84047