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Our Latest #BenzoStories

How To Submit Your Story

We will be turning our advocacy towards Instagram in order to connect with both the benzodiazepine harmed community and to share accurate benzo information with patients who may be unaware of the risks. Part of our outreach plan includes featuring benzodiazepine harmed patients experiences. Stories that we have already posted can be viewed on both our Instagram and our Facebook under the hashtag #BenzoStories  (Follow our Instagram by clicking here)

If you’d like to share your story and help others please consider submitting a video incorporating the following guidance:

Instagram Video Requirements

  • 3 to 5 minutes MAX. Because of the fast information format of the Instagram platform we cannot use your video if it exceeds 3-5 minutes so please remember to keep it concise.
  • Shoot video in portrait mode/vertically on your cell phone.
  • The higher the quality, the better, but no pressure. Use what you’ve got. Remember to turn down background noise, check your lighting, stabilize your camera.
  • Please also send a high quality photo of yourself for the post. 
  • We must have the form below serving as a written release to use the video.


  • For better public understanding we will not use addiction language in our content (used, addictive, addicted, kicked, clean, etc) unless actual addiction/drug abuse have occurred. For examples of the different between prescribed physical dependence and abuse click here.
  • No profanity, please.
  • If you work with a group that provides patient information or support (like a volunteer for a Facebook group,YouTube channel etc) you are welcome to give a shout out by mentioning your title and affiliation. We deeply value volunteers and those who dedicate their time to helping other patients and would love to highlight those that do. We do ask to please not turn your Instagram feature in an full blown advertisement and to try to keep the focus on your own story and experience. 

Video Topics/Questions

  1. Introduce yourself with your preferred name for video and location (state, country)
  2. Which benzodiazepine(s) were you prescribed and for how long? If comfortable, briefly share why prescribed for the audience. This is a good place to inform the audience if you took your prescription as prescribed by your doctor.
  3. Being mindful of the time limit, discuss some of the problems you experienced while taking or stopping a benzodiazepine. Briefly describe what happened and what impact have these meds had on your life.
  4. How are you feeling now?
  5. A QUICK message to other Benzo harmed patients or to doctors. Tell the world what would you like to see changed in prescribing, awareness around these medications, etc. Please try to be as compassionate as possible, while are not looking to only blame or incite fear.

NOTE: It’s helpful to write a script beforehand to stay on track and keep it concise and to the point.

Please upload your video and portrait to Dropbox here or share them, with download privileges, via Google Drive to

Your Submission Should Include:

  1. Video
  2. Portrait
  3. Form 

Please note: We intend on staggering submissions on our platform across many months and your submission may not be posted instantly. While we will try to use all the submissions, we may not be able to use every submission we receive. If you have any questions email us here.

City, State (If outside USA: City, Country)
If you have an Instagram account please provide your handle


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