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Jane Macoubrie, Ph.D.

Dr. Jane Macoubrie’s Ph.D. is from the outstanding communication research program at University of Washington. This program includes organizational, group, interpersonal, and instructional communication, as well as rhetoric and argument specializations, so she was exposed to all of that in her MA and PhD programs. While specializing in group decision making research, she also essentially ‘minored’ in research methods. She then taught at North Carolina State University, where she developed and taught their undergrad research methods course and taught group processes and organizational decision making, organizational communication, and conflict resolution. During that time she also had 5 years of National Science Foundation support for research on group collaboration and deliberation. Prior to her Ph.D., she worked in marketing and sales. She also worked in consulting, as a consultant in process change, handled emerging market research projects for the U.S national labs, and implemented education research agendas for Cisco Systems’ global Networking Academy. She has taught in the online Masters in Communication Management program at University of Southern California (for midcareer adults) since its creation in 2010. For the MCM program, she often teaches 500 (basics of management theory), CMGT 508 Communicating Strategy & Change, as well as 556 Global Marketing, and sometimes 510 (advertising/persuasion).



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