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  1. Dear Dr. Huff,
    You will get off of these pills just stick with a very low titration ( or go to a safe place where friends will not leave you and go down more, as you will not want to be alone ) ..this should be done, sooner then later.

    Then it can take another 2 yrs for the neuro transmitters to reconnect. I will try to fill out the FDA form you linked too. I have pudendal neuralgia and PGAD . It is a long story but after two surgeries by PN specialists ,one in AZ and one in NH. I am still not well, but at least I am off the valium n coloz.

    A peanut can kill a child with a peanut alergy , like wise 5mg’s a day of valium over 2 months can kill someone w a sensitivity to the drug. I will send you my stories as soon as i can if you can supply an email address. God bless you and i hope you are off the benzos while reading this. My heart goes out to you.