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  1. This is very well said. I like your suggestions for how we stop creating the problem, agree with every single one of them. The next question is, how to we address those “orphans” as I’ve recently seen them called who were started on these medications long ago, assured they were safe and effective, not given informed consent or told of danger of chronic use. To the contrary, it was recommended. I think I’ve seen it on this site before, but while we’re teaching new doctors about the dangers of long term prescribing, we need also to teach them about the danger of forcing chronic benzo patients off a long term therapeutic dose on which they are stable. We are all different. Some do not experience debilitating symptoms until we attempt to discontinue, and then all hell breaks loose, no matter how slow the taper. It seema our brains have become irreversibly altered. In some cases, it is necessary to maintain a benzo dose in order to reduce suffering, increase functionality and have any quality of life. There is not a single thing I would like better than to be free of this drug, but it’s not working for me and I need for the same doctors who are not initiating any long term benzo prescriptions to not do more harm to me and those like me by not agreeing to maintain any prescriptions to those pre-existing “benzo orphans”. Benzos have harmed me, I am not the same person I was. But it is not the taking of them that made me suffer to the point of thinking I might not survive. It was NOT taking them that had this effect. There needs to be an acknowledgement of this, and respect for my choice. It’s not my first choice, it’s the only one that allows me to have a life, however diminished. My anger over this is immense; I am in survival mode, doing what I have to do. And that choice needs to be respected by physicians. Withdrawal at all cost doesn’t work for everyone, especially the long haulers. Thank you

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for the work that you are doing to get the word out about the dangers of benzos. I have just finished getting off of Klonopin 2mg that I was on at different doses for 22 years. I am still having withdrawals and working through them. I was lucky enough to find Dr Mark Leeds who helped me get off in 4 months. I am also a coach. When I am done with withdrawals I would like to get involved with getting the word out about this issue. I am planning on writing something about my experience. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help your cause.

    Thank you. Essi Herman.

    1. It’s a late night, and I have to work in the morning. However, I fell down the Benzos rabbit hole. Thanks for your post. My daughter has had mental issues all of her adult life. She has lived with proper medication (meaning legal) to include Clonazepam for many years, but due to changes in how the drug is prescribed, she is having much difficulty in finding it. I first started out to help her find to discovering that people try and do live without it. I am afraid for her withdrawal. She has suffered so much. Your recent post gave me a bit of hope that maybe I can find help to have her not take it any longer without too much more suffering. This website seems like a good place to start, and thanks to your words, I will maybe get a few hours of sleep. God Bless.