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  1. I live in Ma., and my nephew is suffering terrible withdrawal from a variety of Benzos, that he has been prescribed for over 15 years. I commend you for your work. If only there were more doctors in this area that were willing to help with this problem. There are so many people wandering around here like zombies, because doctors are so quick to hand out anxiety meds, even though some of these people are also prescribed meds for their drug abuse problems, such as methadone, suboxone, etc. I’ve personally seen the reaction of mixing these meds, and how badly it affects these people. I don’t know how some doctors can send their patients out into the world to fend for the,selves while they are walking around in a haze of confusion, and not having emotion. Most of the people that are prescribed these combos ar a danger to themselves, and everyone around them. I’ve seen a young girl smash into a 7 eleven building with her car. My own daughter has had numerous car accidents, and pullovers, my nephew has been pulled over for oui, on these combinations, and many more have even died. Most of these patients cannot even manage there own medication dosages, and there is no help out there for thi.
    Thankyou for your work in helping these poor souls. You are a very important help to a lot of people.
    We nee