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  1. This was difficult to read since I just underwent a rapid taper as an inpatient on the psychiatric floor of a “high ranking” hospital. I was prescribed Diazepam, (valium), Alprazolam (xanax) and other benzos for anxiety for 36 years. It is truly sobering to see someone else suffering needlessly but even moreso now that I realize that is my story too. Life before benzos was…well, a life. I’ll never get those years back, all I can hope for now is to spread awareness and maybe help others avoid these horrible, overprescribed, toxins and be spared the torture that so many live with just because they trusted their doctors. Look out, opioids, a much bigger crisis is unfolding. Benzodiazepines are detrimental as well as deadly. I implore everyone to NOT take these meds. FIND. ANOTHER. WAY.?

  2. I wish more people would try acupressure, yoga, and CBD. I know he is very old but I would also recommend restorative yoga with a yoga therapist. I know yoga and acupuncture are expensive, yet one may do acupressure and yoga at home.

  3. Hidden among the persistently damaged are the benzo damaged who years later resemble zombies. I don’t mean zombies as in horror films. I mean the zombies produced by exposure to the blowfish toxin. I won’t describe this because you can find information via internet search and in textbooks.

    How long and in what state of health do these silent victims of miss-prescribing live? How do their caregivers find the strength to do what they do for decades after the benzo-injury?

    Legal recourse seems unavailable even in the face of egregious prescribing- behavior. Now the question is: ” Why are smoking-gun cases rejected so universally?”

  4. This is beyond sad, it’s tragic. Yet this atrocity continues disabling, crippling many across not only our nation, but the world. Why is it legal in America to harm and murder for profit? When is this mental & physical torture of American’s ever going to end? You should see what they’re doing in jails & prisons when denying inmates their prescribed medications, it’s beyond horrific, it’s genocide. Many thanks to Arnold Knutsen’s for sharing his story. But I’m asking – when is anyone going to start listening?

    1. I’m off this crap for seven years in dec 2020….. this has taking my quality of life immensely and Arnold is not alone! see benzobuddies.org for help but k ow this can take years to heal your damaged brain!! was on 13 years never abused it! took as directed by my dr.

  5. So sad to read about Arnold Knutsen and Nicole Lamberson’s problems, all caused by ill-educated physician’s. My husband was put on Benzos when he was 48 for daily headaches. That led to antidepressants, anti epileptic, antipsychotic medications. I began weaning him off the epileptic and antidepressants first when I began to notice strange little changes in his blood work which I read could be caused by certain drugs. No doctor told us, they always said lab work is good. I would get his actual results and see the little spots here and there that were too low or too high, but only a little bit but always consistently off from year to year. The antipsychotic went next, took two attempts. The last to go was the Benzo and took 6 months( this after 22 years of taking it). He was fine the first 8 months off, then odd symptoms began and got worse and worse, and of course he still had the headaches. Now nearly 3 years off and he is still getting worse. He had had episodes of chest pain and gone to ER for that numerous times while still on xanax, and has had then since being off but has NO CARDIAC ISSUES! It was all the Xanax. We spent the first 18 months going to numerous neurologists and many tests done, all negative. A full body EMG showed muscle fascilitations everywhere. One biopsy test showed not enough impulse from nerves to muscles, and no known cause. He was told that all serious disorders ruled out. By that time I had come across the Benzo problem so asked about that. EVERY neurologist said that there is no such thing.Doctors today are no different than the ones in the 1800’s who treated people with headaches and constipation with mercury and arsenic in pill forms. They killed a lot of people then and still are killing them, just using a new poison.