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  1. I can see from the comments that benzos taken for a very long time can be extremely hard to withdraw from. i dont doubt that. but i think that physical dependence and addiction go hand in hand. you cannot have one without the other. first you become psychologically addicted because the use feels good to you and continue to use. then after a certain point the physical dependence sets in. narcotics should only be given for severe physical pain if nothing else works. because its russian roulette as far as who will become addicted and who wont.

  2. I doubt that Jordan Peterson was addicted to benzodiazepines alone. Benzodiazepines have been used since the 1960s to treat conditions like generalized anxiety disorder. It wasn’t until around 2015 when they started being associated with fatal overdoses. That is because this corresponded to the opioid crackdown (which began in 2012) when a lot of people couldn’t get opioid medications from their doctors. The result was that people started turning to street drugs, which started combining opioids and benzodiazepines together. That combination (especially when fentanyl was involved) proved to be deadly. My guess is that Jordan Peterson was addicted to something much more serious.

  3. Why is everyone so pissed. Personally I’m fascinated by the possibility of Ultra Rapid Detox. Having been addicted or “psychically dependent” on benzodiazepines for the last 5 years. I want my full cognitive abilities to come back ASAP. I don’t care if it’s a dangerous method.

    Fuck y’all being self-righteous about slow taper method. I’m on it, its been 1 year. I don’t have enough fingers to count how many withdrawals I’ve self-induced to get free.

    How is no one interested in the actual science of ultra rapid detox for benzodiazepines.

  4. Peterson is ridiculous. As if detoxing by coma in Russia is the only choice. I became educated on withdrawal, brought a tapering schedule to my psych n.p., and we discussed it at length. I am on month 7 of tapering. Extremely hard, but doing o.k. And he could not have tried this? I live in a small suburb and am middle class. What is wrong with him and his followers?

    1. I have lived with a man undergoing akathesia on sudden withdrawal from a Benzo… not his fault that he forgot to renew his prescription as his doc had blundered, imho… by prescribing two anti depressants together suddenly… Cipralex and Cymbalta and he became so agitated that he forgot to renew his prescription and it was unbelievable the side effects; I tried to help although I was in the dark as to what had happened; did my best to help him. No one should ever have to undergo such a frightful experience as he later said HELL… it is a wonder he survived… describing akathesia as torture I believe is absolutely accurate; it is the first time I have seen this in print but I had said to him a couple of years ago that what he went through was equivalent to torture. I was witness. p.s. I have read the late Heather Ashton; expert.

    2. “What is wrong with him and his followers?” Wow! judgmental aren’t we?! His wife has gone through serious cancer and he himself has battled an autoimmune condition, after seeing his daughter nearly succumb to an autoimmune disorder. Dr. Peterson has had a difficult time and found a path that worked best for him. You acknowledge that EVEN YOU — PERFECT YOU, WITH YOUR SUPERIOR JUDGMENT — are finding it “extremely hard” “on month 7 of tapering”. It’s HARD tapering and you’re on month-7?!!! THAT’S INSANE!!! I think, if anything, you’ve proven Dr. Peterson’s point. He doesn’t have 7 months. He might have committed suicide (many do). Sincerely, good luck to you. But please stop being so harsh toward others. Some charity and love goes a long way, and you will likely get more in return.

  5. Have you withdrawn from a benz? I have and it is a living hell. I was on Klonopin for 30 years! Dr’s prescribed Klonopin after a car accident that left me with some brain damage. Don’t criticize the prescribed use and withdrawal of benzos unless you have experienced it yourself.

    1. P.S. I did not mention that this crisis was in 2010. He had been on them since 1985!!! I said to the pharmacist Are they trying to kill him or are they just stupid? I think pharmacists should have more say and contact the doctors and make themselves heard when such abuses are going on.

  6. Jordan Peterson was not in my opinion “… angry like a person on benzos”. I followed him for years and never saw that. I did see what looked like his mind work incredibly fast always pulling up research and numbers and statistics to make his points. He was only on benzos from the time he had an allergic reaction through his wife’s illness. Of course that was more than the recommended time but certainly not long enough to make anyone think it would be problematic to get off. He went to Russia because there was an anesthesiologist there who put people in a coma to help them get off. What does that tell you? This medication is so hard to withdraw from that you have to go to incredible lengths to find someone who will help.

  7. One of the more absurd, almost hard to believe things I have read. Go to Russia for a rapid detox from benzos. It failed miserably with opiates, and why???? He has money. Certainly he can find a psychiatrist to detox him. Benzo withdrawal is lethal and far more dangerous than any other withdrawal. Always thought he was angry like a person on benzos. I would have thought he was more informed. Rules for life. Number 1: Don’t use benzos, especially Xanax for any length of time. Does he make his bed after xanax