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  1. P.S. Important also to note I sought help desperately from the medical community after my cold turkey. Frankly, it’s too painful for me to write about the *help* from the medical community I received.

  2. Thank you to the Benzodiazepine Information Coalition. I was first prescribed a benzodiazepine concurrently with a medicine known to cause anxiety with no warnings of physical dependence or the dangers of cold turkey. I was subsequently put on/taken off of various powerful prescription meds along with benzodiazepines for approximately eight months. I cold turkeyed all meds out of sheer frustration of only becoming more and more so horribly ill following my doctor’s orders combined with my doctor becoming verbally abusive to me. My cold turkey was a tsunami of symptoms and I nearly died. Physical torture. Mental torture included severe depression, severe anxiety, and cruelty from others. Luckily, I never lost touch with reality throughout it all. Aside from being spared hallucinating or losing touch with reality otherwise, I experienced more than 50 symptoms including akathisia, numerous seizures, deathly low blood pressure, and severe trouble with breathing. I never reinstated. I was nonfunctional in the basement of Hell for 18 months after cold turkey. I suffer to this day extremely traumatized by it all with lasting tinnitus, severe insomnia, and a very sad acute awareness of how cruel some people can be.