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  1. I’m so sorry Susan! It’s one thing to go through this ourselves but to have one of our kids go through it would be so hard! I hope she is healing and has got to the other side. Thanks for the link!

  2. I went through 3 severe manic episodes after tapering. The last one killed me. I’ve was suffering with so much terror that I started them again. I’m so scared and full of confussion/depression. Is mania a symptom?

    1. I was weaned off Klonopin in 7 days in a Psychward!! I was on 10 yrs! Suffered 7 weeks…my PA tried to “will power” me off! I ended up different Hospital and they immediately gave me Ativan! And connected me with Psychiatrist, I am back on Klonopin! I feel guilty, like a looser, let’s chat? I’m in the middle of turning in Hospital and Dr who weaned me….my Daughter left in terror at 17! Long story!

  3. I am looking for help! I am experiencing extreme insomnia and my health is suffering from it . I tapered off of benzos for 5 years(I know that sounds unbelievable) It was hell to go through but nothing like what I’m going through now. Is there someone to talk to about this. My DR. wanted me to take ativan (OMG!) Can someone please give me resourses to get real help?

      1. I’m looking into it however there are so many products out there it’s overwhelming. The good ones can be quite pricey! Thanks

    1. Dear Maggie,
      my daughter was prescribed Benzos by her Dr for anxiety and depression for a year,when she suffered a panic attack, she was taken off cold turkey. She was tortured by protracted withdrawal until she couldn’t anymore. Please contact Dr CHRISTY Huff who has survived this horror. Her website is below. God bless you,sbg

    2. I tapered off valium for 1 year. After being benzodiazepine dependent for 8 years. My introduction to benzos was an Ativan injection in the emergency department when I presented there having a panic attack. Before then I had never heard of nor taken a benzo in my life. They sure rolled out the red carpet for me there, I was taken back to a room and injected within 5-10 minutes of my arrival. At my last ER visit I sat with chest pain, tachycardia, face and jaw pain, and high blood pressure for over 4 hours. Finally saw a doctor who stared at me blankly as I attempted to explain I was not finished with my taper and was in withdrawal. She stared at me blankly, then told me to google a psychiatrist. Gave me 1
      5mg. Valium pill, and discharged me with a script for 5 pills until I could find a new primary care physician.
      My boyfriend and I called numerous doctors in the area to get help with my case. We finally found a patient advocate that advertised help to match patients with the appropriate doctor for your condition, and she said she was sorry, but she was told not to help patients that have my insurance.
      I feel like I am recovering from a stroke. My entire right side is affected. I have numbness and pain in the right side of my face, my chest and into my right thigh feels swollen and difficult to walk. I have not taken any valium in several weeks as I no longer have a prescription or a primary doctor. I’m 34 years old and my life is ruined. My son now lives with his grandmother, I had to give up my job and my schooling I was training in, my boyfriend is my sole support system emotionally and financially.
      I have tried to be strong, but I cannot tolerate much more, and there is ho help here.
      I came to this website to volunteer my story and help others if possible.
      Your link for writing a blog about patient experiences is no longer a working link, and neither am I.

    3. I had an extreme case as well and still experience withdrawal symptoms when exposed to other gaba agonists. Avoiding any alcohol, cigarettes, valerian, kava and many others could help. I had to really learn to influence my blood pressure and brain waves through thought. I’m finishing a book about it.