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  1. I just saw Jordan Peterson on a podcast and he looks great. I’m wondering if he is taking a medication after his cold turkey off benzodiazapine???

  2. I’ve been dependent on Klonopin for the past 21 years, never abused it, took it as prescribed. Doctors and rehabs don’t really understand how painful it is and they don’t have answers, which I can’t blame them for. Currently, I’m working on a micro-taper where I am cutting 1/100th of a milligram but it’s still insanely difficult.

  3. Where is Siberia did he go for help. I have been suffering from protracted benzo withdrawal for 5 years now and am desperate for help. I have two kids and a wonderful husband and I would love help.

    1. hi rachael, even tho i dont know u, im a hs student and i hope u got ur help that you need and i hope it got better