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  1. Welcome, (Angel) Dr. Halligan!
    There is not much better than an advocate,
    unless one is an advocate with a medical doctorette,
    Thank you for helping us back our claims to stronger degrees in the realms of science + medicine.
    Sending you all the blessings.
    Rev. Heather Elizabeth

  2. Thank you Dr. Patricia Halligan for lending your years of experience, talents and compassion to this well represented site. I pinch myself that Benzoinfo.com even exist, as it is a dream come true when I try to explain issues to attorneys, friends and others suffering. I was longing for a site that represented my journey as a non drinker, non smoker, athlete who never did drugs but who ended up with a pharmaceutical history and withdrawal experiences equal to an addict (when I only took as prescribed) I am so grateful to everyone that keeps this site going. Be blessed, Hawkins

  3. Dr Halligan was great on the Inner Compass and I’m very happy she is part of the coalition.

  4. Is the limbic system impaired during benzo withdrawal? If so, can neural retraining programs help those of us who have been suffering for several years with PAWS?