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  1. One of the few remaining giants of Nantucket, a true poet and unfettered free spirit. I always remember him as one of those few people you meet in your life whose personality pulls you in like a magnet. The last of a breed of fellas not afraid to speak their mind or follow their own path in life. Unfortunately I haven’t seen him in a long time, but I enjoyed the interesting history conversations with him and seeing him at all the concerts

  2. Jack…no words can explain the void Jack will leave, especially on Nantucket and the world of Madaket. He was a creative, kind, nurturing soul always there to be supportive through any issues. He was my neighbor in Madaket when we first met. Memories of Max and him blocking 1/2 of Dst (lol when it was still dirt, before the shuttle) working on an engine they had taken apart that summer. It was always such a magnificent outside view of a son and father relationship. As the years past we became closer and their family and the extended family came to have a special place in our lives. I remember the day Jack brought over a bumper sticker to add to the back of my car. “Do you know Jack” bumper sticker. It’s still there 20 years later and now has even greater meaning. ❤️

  3. Thank you everyone for your comments. They mean the world to me and my family. Janie Hobson-Dupont

  4. I grew up with Jack and his brother Russ ; it was the 60’s and there was never a dull moment at the Hobson house bc the level of fun and creativity can only be paralleled by Robin Williams ; Jack Kerouac and the southern lens of Tennesse Williams Glass Menagerie .Greenwich village was only a stones throw away for us boys and a magnet for street musians and young poets
    Jack teamed forces with another dear teen friend Chuck Burgi ( who was Meatloafs drummer and many other notables and is now with Billy Joel)
    both these youngsters would play blues busking on the street corners . One night they met a young Californian woman named Poppy who was living on Hawaii hitch hitchhiking her way to a spiritual earth commune in Scotland called Findhorn where they talked to plants and practiced the healing arts which were at the time very alternative and cutting edge therapies
    The next morning in the village I had breakfast with the both of them . I was In a hurry as I was leaving that night for Scotland to hike the West Coast and they insisted I go to this place Findhorn where they communicated with nature spirits
    I did ; stayed 5 years and it changed my life forever … Thank you Jack you touched our hearts and you will be forever in ours

  5. First and best book I ever read about Benzodiazepines. I’m so thankful for Jack and how he has left a lifeline for those who need help. Prayers for his family’s loss of a great pioneer in saving peoples lives! He was truly a gift.
    Thank you God for the time you let us have Jack. He will always be a hero to those that needed help in a world that was clueless and non compassionate.
    Melissa Strong Jackson

  6. I am sad to hear about Jack’s passing. Being new to the Benzo community I came across him in the Massachusetts testimonies. I am in the same boat that Jack was in and I’ve been looking for courage to proceed with the withdrawal. Jack had helped with his encouragement. May he rest in peace.

  7. Jack was my neighbor for 18 years before his passing. His kindness, warmth and genuine care for others was remarkable. He never once failed to respond to my calls for help when I needed some support, even when it was obvious he was struggling, too. He was always there for me with his keen intelligence and unmatched sense of humor lighting a path for me, and I always felt better in his presence. My great fear is that he passed without knowing how many people genuinely loved him. Rest easy, brother. I’ll see you later.

  8. Sorry to hear about this. Another warrior and brave soul lost to the pseudo-profession of psychiatry and its reckless prescribing of poisons like the dreaded benzodiazepines. – paul jacobs, Ph.D.

  9. He was a nice guy..I had communication with him about both our books and he paid me the compliment of saying that my one , The Benzo Devil, was one of the better one’s he had read on the subject of the dreaded scourge of benzodiazepine…RIP Jack

  10. Jack Hobson-Dupont’s passing leaves a profound void in our hearts. His contributions as a community member and activist, coupled with his compassionate nature and diverse talents, touched countless lives. He will be deeply missed but forever remembered for the positive impact he made. Rest in peace, Jack.

  11. A Dutch man is in acute Benzodiazepine withdrawal for months and doesn’t know what is happening to him. He goes online, yet does not know what to look for. The first thing he finds is Jack’s book. Jack mentiones the Ashton Manual and the Dutch man starts to understand what is happening to him. That Dutch man is me.

    Jack’s book helped me validate my symptoms and directed me to where I needed to be and I ended up making my podcast Benzotired.

    May you rest in peace, Jack. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    1. A very touching memory of hope Naftal. Thank you for sharing. I hope others are as fortunate as you in getting good information on these dreaded benzodiazepines.

  12. His book helped me immensely during the early days of my withdrawal syndrome when I was so disoriented by what was happening. I particularly like the chapter where he talks about ‘Compassion Burnout’ (pg 143), and have shared it with countless others who are supporting someone in the midst of this horrible withdrawal syndrome.

  13. Aside from writing The Benzo Book and helping in support groups years ago, what people might not know is that he helped some people who were not only devastated physically but financially to some who lost more than most. He had such a kind and giving heart and that help he gave meant so much to this one particular person I know of. He helped a mom who couldn’t afford to give her little girl a birthday party. He helped with some bills that couldn’t be paid. If there is one positive thing that comes out of the benzo suffering, it’s meeting wonderful people like Jack. RIP Jack

    1. Thanks Geraldine. I did not know this. I did not know him that well personally, but he seemed like a wonderful, compassionate man. My condolences to his family and loved ones. May he RIP. 🙏🙏